Customer Success Intern (Norway)

Copenhagen, Denmark
Unpaid student internship

This is one of those job opportunties that you just don't stumble upon every day.

Tonsser is a social network and the leading app for youth football players in Europe, empowering the next generation of football players to perform, improve, and get discovered. We're looking for a Norwegian-speaking, driven student whose dream is to start their career at a dynamic company in Copenhagen, where exceeding expectations is rewarded and where a mistake is never so big that it isn't treated as learning. 🤓 We value the kind of person who we can rely on and who makes people around him/her better or happier, whichever comes first. 🤙

This dream job needs a dream candidate: an ambitious person who will not stop before he or she is the best at what they do, a candidate who is curious about how almost anything works and who is not satisfied until he/she has proven just how awesome a co-worker and employee he/she is. 💪

We're looking for someone who smells like team spirit, and knows that infecting their team with motivation leads to greatness 😎

Your colleagues say you are:

    • Ambitious
    • Curious by nature
    • A people person
    • Entrepreneurial
    • Data-driven
    • Reliable beyond compare
    • A high-potential leader

Your mother says you are:

    • Competitive, but kind
    • Dedicated, and sees things through
    • High performer, but always humble

You can say "yes" to the following:

    • Fluent in written and verbal Norwegian
    • Understands the culture of the Norwegian youth
    • You are able to work approximately 15 hours a week

You're looking to gain:

    • Fast-track career progression experience
    • The chance to attend talks, Meet Ups, or seminars
    • Personal development of both hard and soft skills
    • LinkedIn recommendations, and workshops on how to improve your professional profile
    • Experience with top tier marketing and engagement tools (eg. Intercom)
    • Client-facing experience on both B2B and B2C levels (players, coaches, and clubs)

You like the sound of:

    • Free, delicious lunch. Every single day at 12:00.
    • Leftovers from lunch? You of course bring that home!
    • Working past 6pm? Dinner is on Tonsser!
    • Breakfast if you're an early riser.
    • As much soda, coffee, (beers on Fridays) as you can possibly consume.
    • A startup-as-can-be office loft, just a stone's throw away from Frederiksberg Center.
    • Hitting milestones and targets in the Customer Success Team? Of course we will and of course we'll celebrate that!
    • Do you like games? We have developers, so of course we'll geek out on the computers once in a while.
    • Do you like running? We take part in the yearly DHL Relay Run in Copenhagen.

We write cool things! Read about how we see ourselves, how other people see us and what we've been up to 😉

"Tonsser, the social app for youth soccer players, collaborates with Nike and raises new funding", TechCrunch:

"Tonsser wants to discover the soccer star of tomorrow", TechCrunch