Data Analyst Intern

Copenhagen, Denmark
Unpaid internship
Tonsser is a fast-growing Tech Startup and the leading app for youth football players in Europe, empowering the next generation of football players to perform, improve and get discovered. The goal of the company is to democratise the world of football and add as much transparency to an otherwise closed off system.

In this internship you'll be working on a key component of the business: Our data! You'll be responsible for analysing and taking actions to improve the quality of the football data that our platform requires to enable the players to have an amazing experience using Tonsser.

You'll join our data science team and work closely with experienced data scientists and engineers - an amazing chance to get loaded with invaluable experience for your future career in data science 🚀

We would like you to start as soon as possible, so hurry up and hit that APPLY button before someone else does 🔥

People you've worked with say you are:

    • Analytical, sructured and data-driven
    • Quality focused
    • Optimisation geek
    • Data and technology lover
    • Reliable beyond compare

Your mother says you are:

    • Competitive, but kind
    • Dedicated, and sees things through
    • High performer, but always humble

You like the sound of:

    • Free, delicious lunch. Every single day at 12:00.
    • Leftovers from lunch? You of course bring that home!
    • Working past 6pm? Dinner is on Tonsser!
    • Breakfast if you're an early riser.
    • As much soda, coffee, (beers on Fridays) as you can possibly consume.
    • A startup-as-can-be office loft, just a stone's throw away from Frederiksberg Center.
    • Free bike through Donkey Republic, so you can explore Copenhagen like a true Copenhagener.
    • Kvartkort, so you can get 25% off at the famous Copenhagen burger joints, Cocks & Cows, and the infamous Gin bar, The Bird and The Churchkey, and a lot more.
    • Do you like games? We have developers, so of course we'll geek out on the computers once in a while.
    • Do you like football? We watch all the major games at the office, as well as occasionally going to matches in Copenhagen.
We write cool things! Read about how we see ourselves, how other people see us and what we've been up to 😉

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