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Unpaid internship
We will have ongoing recruitment on this position. Whenever a spot opens up, you will hear from us.

Have you ever wished you could play Football Manager in real life? Well this is a crazy co-incidence: that's exactly what our scouting team at Tonsser does. The best part? They're looking for an intern to join their ranks. 🔎

What does that mean?
Excellent question. Tonsser isn't a game: it's reality. We're the leading football app for youth players in Europe, and we are all about the next generation of footballers. We think that football is an opaque industry in which disruption is well overdue.

Our app helps to create a player's football brand: take Linkedin and Instagram, then put on a pair of football boots. Players update their stats, vote for Man of the Match, and get endorsed for their performance. Players then can build a brand around themselves with media uploads, and interacting with their community.

What does our Player Analyst team do?
Our Player Analyst team's mission is to give as many opportunities to as many players as possible. We use our data to find potential talent: irrespective of who you are or on what level you play. This isn't just to find the next Ronaldo who slipped through the cracks: it's for everyone who wants to take a step up in their football career.

What will you be doing?
Locate Top talents, by using our in-house database, plus researching the players coming through the various youth national teams and top leagues.

Build up the list, by calling the coaches of the discovered players to both validate their data and hear about other potential players in their team.

Acknowledge Talent, by telling the players that we are now looking at their performance due to their hard work and talent + validation of Team of the Week and Rankings.

Reactivate old players, by reaching out to players who used to use Tonsser, and tell them about the new matchmaking abilities we now have.

Onboard new players, by explaining the value of the product to the new talent, so they understand why they need us and why they need to input their stats on Tonsser. 

Who are we looking for?
English-speaking, driven candidates whose dream is to kick-off their career with us from our HQ in Copenhagen, where exceeding expectations is rewarded and where a mistake is never so big that it isn't treated as learning. We value the kind of person who we can rely on and who makes people around him/her better or happier, whichever comes first. 🤙

Ability to speak at least ONE of the following languages, is a major plus: French, German, Danish.

Additionally All Entry-Level positions, including this internship, are by default unpaid.

Your colleagues say you are:

    • Ambitious
    • Curious by nature
    • A people person
    • Entrepreneurial
    • Data-driven
    • Reliable beyond compare
    • A high-potential leader

Your mother says you are:

    • Competitive, but kind
    • Dedicated, and sees things through
    • High performer, but always humble

You can say "yes" to the following:

    • Fluency in written and verbal English is critical for day to day communication
    • Understands the culture of ONE of the following: Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, French, German, Swiss, Austrian or Portuguese youth
    • You are able to work approx. 40 hours a week
    • Ability to speak at least ONE of the following languages, is a major plus: French, German, Portuguese, Danish

You're looking to gain:

    • Work experience in the sports sector
    • Personal development of both hard and soft skills
    • LinkedIn recommendations, and workshops on how to improve your professional profile
    • Client-facing experience on both B2B and B2C levels (players, coaches, and clubs)

You like the sound of:

    • Free, delicious lunch. Every single day at 12:00.
    • Leftovers from lunch? You of course bring that home!
    • Working past 6pm? Dinner is on Tonsser!
    • Breakfast if you're an early riser.
    • As much soda, coffee, (beers on Fridays) as you can possibly consume.
    • A startup-as-can-be office loft, just a stone's throw away from Frederiksberg Center.
    • Free bike through Donkey Republic, so you can explore Copenhagen like a true Copenhagener.
    • Kvartkort, so you can get 25% off at the famous Copenhagen burger joints, Cocks & Cows, and the infamous Gin bar, The Bird and The Churchkey, and a lot more.
    • Do you like games? We have developers, so of course we'll geek out on the computers once in a while.
    • Do you like running? We take part in the yearly DHL Relay Run in Copenhagen.
    • Do you like football? We watch all the major games at the office, as well as occasionally going to matches in Copenhagen.

About Tonsser

Team of 35 hungry and kind girls and guys. Offices in Paris, London, Germany and HQ in Copenhagen
Backed by international investors and founders of companies like Spotify,, Peakon, Vivino ...

Working at Tonsser means you're working on something very exciting: Shaping the future of football. Through technology we've seen a way to impact how new talents get discovered; we're changing the game of football by placing the power where it belongs: in the hands of the 265 million performers of the sport. For the football players to be in control, they need their own football identity. That's why we've built an app empowering football players to showcase their achievements and determine their success.

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