Growth Hacker

Copenhagen, Denmark
We have built a product that our users love, and we're looking to scale our organic acquisition efforts so that more young football players can be empowered on Tonsser. The primary focus of this role will be to drive organic acquisitions and retention (reducing churn and also re-activating). 

This role requires a self-starter growth hacking mentality, and a keen interest in our user segment: 13-19 year old footballers. You will need to be able to set high level strategy, and dig into the details of campaigns. We are looking for someone who has an established track record as an innovative and analytically-minded marketer, doing similar work for high growth companies (ideally tech, consumer, mobile), and ideally who has experience on the technical side too.

You will also get your hands dirty with helping out in content creation.

What you'll be doing:
- Own the responsibility of increasing organic growth (SEO, Content Marketing, Referrals)
- Identify and size future opportunities for growth by developing a broad portfolio of growth ideas, testing what works, and scaling it.
- Drive innovative marketing experimentation through continuous A/B testing of landing pages, copy, creatives
- Collaborate with engineering team to develop new organic growth channels
- Capture key marketing metrics for campaigns, make sense of trends, and improve performance
- You will work directly with our CMO on growth and retention efforts, and you will have a hand in hiring our growth team and building the marketing culture from the ground up.

Your colleagues say you are:

    • Analytical and data-driven
    • An optimistic leader
    • Technically minded
    • Strategic as can be
    • Content marketer
    • Entrepreneurial
    • Experienced (6+ years)
    • Growth-driven
    • Understands user behaviour

Your mother says you are:

    • Competitive, but kind
    • Visionary, but still gets things done
    • Dedicated, and sees things through
    • High performer, but always humble
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