Market Expansion Intern

Copenhagen, Denmark
Unpaid internship
Come help us decide where to launch and empower youth players next

Tonsser is a fast-growing Tech Startup and the leading app for youth football players in Europe, empowering more than 1 million hungry and hard working young football players to perform, improve and get discovered. The goal of the company is to democratize the world of football and add transparency to an old school industry to empower the people in it.

Currently Tonsser is active in 8 countries in Europe, but we want to scale and grow faster to empower players everywhere, why we need you to help us decide where we should go next. The demand is clear with people from around the world asking us on a weekly basis if they can take Tonsser to their country. Your job will be to create a global analysis and initiate local tests to ultimately create expansion criteria, roadmap and recommendations to where Tonsser should launch next.

The internship will give you invaluable experience in terms of how a market and product is analyzed, visualized and launched. Additionally you’ll get to experience a fast-growing company from the inside.

Who are you
· A hungry go getter with a whatever it takes mindset
· Structured and analytical (In other words you are a demon in excel)
· Passionate about the mission of Tonsser
· A teammate above anything
· Great at relationship building

You will be
· Structuring, analyzing and creating the important first steps of our market expansion decision-making
· Representing Tonsser and meet a lot of passionate people who want to take Tonsser to their market
· Collaborating with the tech and business team to evaluate markets
· Reporting directly to the CEO 😅

About the internship
· Place: HQ, Copenhagen
· Start time: ASAP
· Benefits: Many; such as lunch, awesome colleagues, cool parties and a seductive mission
· The internship is unpaid, but we promise you a hell of a ride and maybe a full time position afterwards like many interns before you