Senior Software Engineer (Frontend)

Connecting people to life-enriching travel experiences
TourRadar is a Series-C venture backed marketplace disrupting a $50 billion industry. Revolutionizing how multi-day tours are compared and purchased, we provide travellers with a trusted online marketplace to find and book life-enriching experiences worldwide. Traditionally, these types of experiences have been predominantly serviced offline by brick and mortar travel agents, but we recognize that it's time to move this industry online and capture global market share through digital reach. With over 40 different nationalities in our team and offices spread across Europe, North America and Australia, we work to deliver the best possible service and tour booking experience to our customers.

The Opportunity
As a marketplace, there is no short of challenges for us to tackle. Providing a rich search & discovery experience to our travellers and making booking tours extremely easy, giving our operators simple ways to get onboarded and remaining part of our platform, enabling our great customer support team to interact seamlessly with both travellers and operators, integrating payment service providers and accounting solutions… the list goes on. We are in fact disrupting the multi-day tour travel space and that’s hard work. Luckily, it’s also a lot of fun!

It goes without saying that, as a tech company, software engineering is at the very heart of what we do. In order to deal with the complexities and nuances of our business, we build a lot of our own tools to efficiently serve both our internal and external customers. Building the right tech stack for that while scaling our team is what gets us out of bed in the morning.

As part of our working culture, you will be expected to own your space, be accountable, take responsibility, and work with other disciplines to coordinate impactful cross-functional efforts. That said, we are also committed to supporting your personal and professional growth. Beyond learning on the job, our engineers also have access to structured training programs, travel to relevant conferences and regularly share their knowledge internally and externally.

You Will...

    • Work within a cross-functional team focused on making an impact in a significant part of our business. You collaborate closely with both designers and backend engineers in bringing to life amazing experiences, either consumer facing or internal tools.
    • Design and implement single page apps supporting our many business domains. You work diligently to ensure the code you write is scalable, and well tested.
    • Work in an agile manner, focused on delivering value to customers quickly, breaking down work in smaller chunks that you iterate on quickly. You are mindful of the whole design, development and release process, and look for opportunities to improve flow (such as small, well documented Pull Requests that are a breeze for your colleagues to review).
    • Mentor less experienced engineers and help them become increasingly proficient in different areas and techniques of software development.
    • Play an integral role in defining the architecture and driving frontend-related design decisions, and help establish a testing culture.
    • Share your knowledge with the broader team on a regular basis, and have opportunities to go beyond and contribute to the wider community and industry.

You Have...

    • Great written and verbal communication skills. We communicate all day long.
    • A growth mindset, and a deep curiosity to learn and improve yourself constantly.
    • A tendency to go above and beyond, always looking for ways to improve things around you. In the past, you mentored and leveled other developers up, through practices such as pair programming and code reviewing.
    • A background in agile development, a desire to deliver value early and often, and the ability to manage engineering timelines for large projects. You have a good feel for what is and is not possible.
    • A few years of experience on frontend web development, and building single page web applications using React (GraphQL is a big plus).
    • Helped transitioning from a legacy infrastructure to a modern distributed architecture, both on the frontend technology (ie. jQuery/AngularJS to React) and communicating with microservices on the backend.

Our Stack

    • Frontend: React, Redux, GraphQL, CSS-in-JS, Babel, Webpack, Typescript/ES6, Jest, Cypress, Netlify, Antd
    • Backend: PHP (Symfony and Laravel as frameworks), Python and NodeJS/TypeScript  lambda-functions, and Java (for E2E testing)
    • Data Stores: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, Redshift
    • Containers: Docker
    • Automation: Ansible, Terraform
    • Deployment: Jenkins, BitBucket pipelines
    • Hosting: AWS (EC2, ECS, IAM, S3, SQS, Redshift, Lambda, etc.) 
Benefits & Perks
We strongly believe our biggest motivation is working together with great people in accomplishing something that matters in the world. Our vision of connecting people with life-enriching travel experiences is exactly that, and our love for travel means that often we are our own customers, too!

That said, you can expect more benefits from working at TourRadar:

• The stability and excitement of working for a fast scaling Series C funded startup, including Silicon Valley investors.
• The opportunity to grow personally and professionally alongside a well-defined career development path.
• Working out of a brand new office right in the heart of Vienna (1st District), including a private BBQ area, a foosball and ping pong table, chill out spaces, etc.
• An international work environment where English is the official working language (German lessons are also provided for free in our Vienna office).
• Regular team outings: a lot of us spontaneously organize trips together within and outside Austria.
• Familiarisation trips - free or massively discounted tours with which TourRadar also provides up to 500 Euros towards your airfare.
• Possibility of working from other TourRadar locations (Toronto, Brisbane) for a period of time.