Senior Software Engineer

New York, NY /
Product/Tech /
Full time
NOTE: TQ is also actively recruiting for roles both senior (e.g. Product Manager) and junior (software engineer, frontend/web) to this position.

About TQ Tezos (Tocqueville Group) TQ is a New York-based blockchain technology company advancing the Tezos project. In close collaboration with global teams,TQ builds products on Tezos and developer tools to help other teams all around the world do so. TQ also helps startups and enterprises adopt Tezos for a variety of exciting use cases, facilitating the growth of a robust, high-functioning Tezos ecosystem.

You might be a good fit if your experience and interests include any of the following:

    • Type-safe programming languages: OCaml/ReasonML, Haskell, Rust
    • Interest and/or experience with real-world financial applications based on smart contracts
    • Technical writing: tutorials, documentation, and other educational material
    • Ability to collaborate or liaise with both internal and external developers
    • Contributing to open source projects, shared code repositories, and personal projects

Bonus points for experience with:

    • Formal verification tools: Coq, Agda, Idris 
    • Distributed systems: consensus algorithms, peer-to-peer network protocols
    • Cryptography: Elliptic curves, zero-knowledge proofs, multisignature schemes


    • Functional Programming (OCaml/Haskell/F#)
We offer a flexible work environment, competitive compensation, full benefits, and unlimited time off.
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