Technical Product Manager

New York, NY /
Product/Tech /
Full time
TQ is a New York-based blockchain technology company advancing the Tezos project. In close collaboration with global teams, TQ builds products on Tezos and developer tools to help other teams all around the world do so. TQ also helps startups and enterprises adopt Tezos for a variety of exciting use cases, facilitating the growth of a robust, high-functioning Tezos ecosystem.
We are hiring a technical product manager to organize and manage Tezos development assets from multiple contributors, manage the assets portal, create an assets roadmap and work with multiple stakeholders and contributors to fulfill it.
This asset repository is a  foundational toolbox that enables developers to build on Tezos. Making it more complete and accessible will help attract more developers to Tezos, increasing adoption, while growing the community.

While this is primarily a product management role, you will also be asked to take on some project manager responsibilities as well.

    • Develop product roadmaps and timelines and keep them up to date
    • Conduct user interviews, gather feedback, conduct product research 
    • Provide updates on a consistent basis to various stakeholders
    • Collaborate with marketing team for product support 
    • Determine and define project scope and objectives
    • Create project artifacts such as requirements, wireframes, user flows, diagrams
    • Create tickets for the development team based on scope
    • Adhere to software development lifecycle practices to move development forward
    • Assist with testing, creating tutorials, project documentation


    • 2-4+ years of technical product management experience, especially driving product delivery from conception to launch, and owning the product’s roadmap afterwards
    • Knowledge of effective project and product management methodologies and software
    • Understanding and working knowledge of git, gitlab, github, i.e. managing tickets/issues, workflows and projects. Knowing how to manage repos, push code and merge pull-requests is a plus, yet not necessary. 
    • Comfortable working with distributed remote teams and a complex set of open-source stakeholders
    • Demonstrated ability to navigate ambiguity and iterate quickly within an early-stage industry


    • Experience and passion for creating blockchain-based decentralized applications and smart contracts to build novel products
    • Web development experience and or experience with the Docusaurus CMS
    • Tezos knowledge is a plus.
    • Experience working with or managing development in type-safe programming languages such as OCaml/ReasonML, Haskell, or Rust
    • Is interested in open source software and has worked on and/or contributed to open source software development projects
    • Understands the basic concepts of peer-to-peer networking

Soft Skills:

    • Knows when to push vs. letting people do their thing
    • Comfortable working with independent thinkers and adapting to their workstyles
    • Knows how to lead from the side
    • Knows how to recognize the right balance between implementing enough structure to be effective, without the structure becoming suffocating or causing more admin overhead than benefit