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Trace Genomics has developed the first analytics engine that learns as it maps the living soil. Founded in 2015 to serve the farming community, Trace Genomics helps growers maximize the value of every acre. The company is building the largest, most actionable body of soil intelligence, making thousands of growers experts on what’s underground. Working collaboratively across the agriculture ecosystem, Trace Genomics helps growers optimize costs, manage risk and protect their soil. Headquartered in Silicon Valley—led by industry veteran Dan Vradenburg and founded by two female PhDs from Stanford University—Trace Genomics is having a meaningful impact on the future of food.

At Trace Genomics, we apply metagenomics to new uses in agricultural soils. Our database of soil metagenomes is one of the largest repositories of microbiological information on managed soils. This data can inform solutions to challenges facing agriculture today, from the need to grow crops more sustainably to the uncertain effect of new products on crop health.
We are hiring a Microbial Ecologist or Bioinformatics Scientist to use data from our metagenomics pipeline to advance the scientific understanding and application of soil biology. You will work with a team of biologists and data scientists to apply bioinformatics methods to soil metagenomes, help design and analyze experiments to understand the soil microbiome, and relate findings to the data in our metagenomics database.
Job title is dependent on relative expertise in microbial ecology or bioinformatics

      Develop and test bioinformatics methods (proportional to bioinformatics experience)
      Contribute to bioinformatics infrastructure (proportional to programming experience)
      Review scientific literature and design analyses to probe soil biology
      Interpret metagenomics data from the soil microbiome
      Advise experts in agricultural and soil sciences on microbiology
      Ph.D. or equivalent experience in microbiology or bioinformatics
      Expertise in microbiology and in the analysis and interpretation of microbiome data
      Working knowledge of Python (preferred) or R to read code, write functions, and create plots
      Strong skills in statistical reasoning and data visualization
      Ability to communicate science to experts and non-experts
      Ability to collaborate with others effectively
      2+ years work experience in non-academic research
      Expertise in bioinformatics, specifically microbial genomics or metagenomics
      Expertise in environmental or soil microbiology
      Experience using tools for data analysis in Python (e.g. numpy, pandas, matplotlib, scikit-learn) or R
      Familiarity with cloud computing services (e.g. AWS)
Key Personal Attributes Include
Committed to our core values: Customer-Driven, Scientific Integrity, Creative Problem Solving, Diversity & Inclusion, and Fearless Determination