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About TradeLanes:
TradeLanes has pioneered a new approach to global trade by streamlining and automating the tasks required to ship goods around the world. We are building a world-class team and are seeking top performing, team players to join us.

We are a well funded start-up looking for a Product Lead who puts the customer at the center of everything, never settles, can iterate quickly with the expertise to take our product team to the next level. Our business is growing as companies in a wide variety of industries look to TradeLanes to help bring their global trade online. As our growth continues to accelerate, we’re experiencing a number of interesting challenges. Challenges that require disciplined, data-driven decision making for how to quickly iterate and prioritize the outcomes we deliver for customers. As our Product Lead, you’ll serve as a member of the leadership team. Your key responsibility is to deliver measurable outcomes for our customers using the Jobs To Be Done framework. To do so successfully, you’ll need to communicate clearly and effectively with the leads of each product pod, throughout the product development cycle. We help export teams execute the most important transactions for their customers – we think of our work as serving global trade’s most stressful moments – and it’s a responsibility we take seriously. 

If you want to lead a team into undeveloped territory and define an entirely new category and product space - then this is a role for you..

Are you a good match?  We find top performers and free them to do what they do best: deliver software that drives desired customer outcomes. We work long-hours for tight deadlines often, so humor and team spirit are a must.

About the role: 
As a Product Lead at TradeLanes, you will partner closely with the CEO, other product managers, product designers, product engineers, marketing and customer success to deliver desired outcomes for our customers. You will play a key role in the realization of our vision to bring global trade entirely online - making supply chains fast, easy, and more profitable while opening the world of global trade to companies of all sizes. In this role, you will drive the successful delivery of mission critical initiatives that will drive rapid company growth. And you’ll need to quickly develop expert knowledge of our customers, our customers' industry, and the market. In return, you’ll receive visibility across the organization and will be a key voice in one of the most exciting companies in the global supply chain software market. 

You may be a good fit if

    • You have a track record of shipping and iterating on products, either as a product manager or founder, for 5+ years. At least 1-2 years experience with direct reports. 
    • You are customer-obsessed and want to spend a ton of time with customers and prospects, understanding their business models, their existing flows of funds, and the technical support they require to make their visions happen.
    • You have experience working with B2B organizations with multiple stakeholders and managing roadmaps based on customer needs that can be dynamic and changing over time.
    • You are an excellent verbal and written communicator.
    • You are intellectually curious and fascinated by innovative businesses, how they grow, and the technology they need to accelerate that growth.
    • You are technical-literate, meaning you can read API docs, Incoterms 2020 or technical payment specifications.

What you’ll do

    • Know your customer, so you can empathize with their challenges and goals in order to develop useful, usable solutions to meet their needs.
    • Collaborate with your team and stakeholders across the company, to build market-defining products & experiences.
    • Create focus for the team by identifying, defining and prioritizing work that balances customer needs, technical investments, and our strategic goals.
    • Carefully manage and prioritize your product backlog to keep the team unblocked and aligned.
    • Know how to break work down into meaningful chunks so progress can be made quickly and you and the team can learn in ways that will inform future iterations.
    • Write clear, actionable specs that include use cases and clarify workflows when relevant. Bite sized user stories with solid acceptance criteria in iterative chunks.
    • Help your team and stakeholders make informed decisions when tradeoffs are required.
    • Establish and clearly communicate product plans, success measures and timelines, and progress against them.
    • Make data informed decisions and track and share meaningful data to highlight and communicate results.
    • Act as the voice and face of your products to customers and the company.

What we’re looking for

    • Expert in SaaS product delivery with 7+ years of experience as a Product Manager in one or more fast growing B2B start-ups, delivering complex products. Critical to have experience with self service B2B products (i.e. - Product Led Growth). Critical to have experience at the Seed/Series A stage of the B2B SaaS startup lifecycle.
    • Can deliver the CEO's vision on time to achieve desired outcomes, while enriching the founder’s vision with continuous customers’ insights.
    • Entrepreneurial spirit - have a bias towards actions and delivering business results; also, you're not afraid to get your hands dirty 
    • Have high “EQ”; be even-keeled, flexible, and able to quickly adapt to unexpected changes
    • Ability to thrive in a dynamic, “Yes before No” environment where flexibility, creativity, and learning from failure are highly valued
    • A highly collaborative approach, demonstrating an ability to build strong relationships and alignment in the face of competing business needs and objectives
    • An appetite for feedback – not only do you listen when it’s shared but you actively seek it out
    • Ensure product roadmap is visible for internal stakeholders, current customers, prospective customers, and the board of directors.
    • Experience working with modern development tools and methods, including Jira, Github, Confluence, A/B testing, cloud platforms, etc.
    • Outstanding project management skills
    • Thoughtful communication and presentation skills, and demonstrated skill in influencing audiences (i.e. customers, internal stakeholders, prospects, etc)
    • Experience with logistics related products a significant plus
    • Knack for gleaning customer insights from quantitative and qualitative data.
    • Ability to work with remote teams of diverse backgrounds and levels  to ship features on an aggressive timeline

What you’ll receive

    • SALARY:  $170k - $225k + 1/10 to 4/10ths of a % (percent) of Equity. 
    • Location: 100% Remote - anywhere in the US (no timezone restrictions) 
    • VISA Support: Not acceptable at this time. 
    • Full medical, dental and vision benefits
    • 401k
    • Explosive career growth
    • Unlimited PTO + US Holidays
    • Each team member is highly encouraged to schedule at least one employee health day per month

How it would work

    • First 3 months
    • Become expert in customer’s business / develop deep customer relationships
    • Learn platform and roadmap
    • Build cohesive team that can deliver: Help drive prioritization and delivering to timelines; help support senior PMs and level up junior PMs
    • Develop strong relationships with Revenue team and Engineering team
    • Join every customer UAT and success call
    • Join weekly sales demos
    • Build roadmap that can be shared internally and externally (current + prospective customers)
    • Streamline market feedback (from sales) into product planning
    • Contribute to leadership weekly priority planning
    • Get up to speed on Product Led Growth (PLG) initiatives
    • Help marketing complete market research to drive PLG initiatives
    • Ensure releases have release notes
    • Months 3-6
    • Help adjust roadmap based on market feedback and strategic direction
    • Enhance deep customer relationships
    • Align product and revenue goals (set OKRs to reflect revenue goals of company)
    • Own product roadmap priorities with leadership team
    • Work closely with revenue to help sales process and product marketing
    • Own creation and distribution of release notes
    • Deliver one key release for Product Led Growth
    • Months 6+
    • Lead product roadmap planning with direction from CEO
    • Deliver two key releases for Product Led Growth
To apply, please send a cover letter and your CV to careers@tradelanes.co