Senior Software Engineer, API

Remote /
Engineering /
You Will:

Design and build our public and private API’s to integrate our applications with TradeLanes. This will help automate our customers’ supply chain and enable secure, scalable integrations with customers and partners. Be responsible for the API framework and help build essential features such as API versioning and expansion. Execute a robust feature roadmap in order to bring immediate value to our existing customersProvide real-time measurements for the API platform team. This includes delivering supply chain API insights and integrating world-class analytics experience. Create efficient domain models that represent the complex global freight domain. Work closely with business partners, engineering teams, and product managers to solve complex business problems. Help take our platform to the next level by creating microservices and micro frontends Build and launch products frequently, shipping to production weekly. Become an expert on shipping, invoicing, customs regulations, and logistics. Automate our logistics and engineering processes whenever possible. Bring trade to everyone in the world.

You Should Have:

5+ years of experience writing software and building RESTful APIs.A strong engineering background. A passion for simple, secure, and well-tested code that is easy to extend and hard to break. The ability to convey technical ideas in layman’s terms and communicate with business partners, product managers, designers, and engineers.A love for taking the initiative. When you see a problem, you solve it.A desire to develop your skills. We are tech-agnostic regarding candidate background, but our platform is built with Ruby. We are currently transitioning to Kotlin. Technology savvy, business pragmatic.  Delivering features quickly while abstracting key components so that we can scale later is crucial.

Preferred Experience: Node.JS
Nice to have: Front-end Ember, React or similar modern Javascript, AWS 
Non-optional: an aptitude for learning quickly, customer success
Our StackOur releases are integrated with Gitlab. We are in the process of decoupling our monolithic Node/Ember app and introducing React, micro-frontends / micro-services, and GraphQL.  Our data is persisted in RDS, we use Kafka for the message bus and Elastic Search for indexing documents. Our stack is hosted using AWS managed services using Docker.

Week by Week:

During your first week, you will: Get to know our company (leadership, culture, and values)Onboard with the engineering teamShip your first commitTackle 1-2 small tickets to address bugs and/or make minor improvementsRead our favorite industry primers

During your first six weeks, you will: Ship your first major projectAttend a few customer and partner meetings every week

During your first six months, you will: Work with our product team to scope and ship products for our engineering/finance usersHelp grow our team by: Mentoring new engineersWriting internal tooling and documentationInterviewing new hires

Your Experience:

Experience building web applications professionally for 5+ yearsExperience working with SQL/Relational databases and Node.js-based API’sExperience with complex Git merging and release management

TECH STACKNestJS, AWS for our backend Ember.js on the frontend (experience with React, Angular, or Vue is fine)AWS RDS (MySQL) for our databaseAWS for infrastructure and hostingDocker/Fargate for containerizationBitbucket for source code management and integration testingElastic Search for document search Debezium / Kafka for the event system
Help move our stack toward: React for components GraphQLImproved CI/CDAdditional datastoresMicroservices / micro-frontends