Senior Frontend Engineer (Seller Club - Network Manager)

Engineering – Engineering
Location: Remote
This position is available in the following countries:
Romania, Italy, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, France, Germany, Spain, Norway, UK, Switzerland

Seller Club is an area at Tradeshift that is connecting every seller in the world, grow their business, enable access to cheaper capital and optimize their cash flow. 
We are looking for a senior frontend engineer who loves client side development and cares about the end-user experience. 

Tradeshift is the world’s largest business commerce platform, connecting buyers, suppliers, and all facilitating business between them. Tradeshift helps businesses of every size to run more efficiently, using cloud technology to improve processes like AP automation, procurement, supplier management and working capital optimisation. Businesses rely on Tradeshift to transform and digitise their supply chain relationships and business transactions. Furthermore, Tradeshift’s open platform enables third parties to build business apps, which let businesses respond to their growing business needs, now and in the future.

You will be a member of an international, skilled, highly motivated and self-driven production team, and your efforts will have a direct impact on the experiences of our customers as well as establish the Tradeshift platform as a standard of world-class engineering.

We expect you to be passionate about usability, testing and frontend technology. We value individuals who are passionate, who care, and who can set a direction for their peers.

What we are looking for:

    • Everyone knows that when you take on a task whether it’s huge and scary or tiny and boring, you’re going to see it through to the best of your ability.
    • It’s obvious to everyone around you that you have fun with your work and with your co-workers.
    • You care about how your work and attitude affects those around you. I mean really care. If you hurt someone, it hurts you. Everything you do runs through this filter.
    • You understand that communication is the biggest responsibility of your job as a developer and the one you’re least likely to get right unless you focus on it.
    • You focus on shipping software that matters to your users and that matters to the company you’re building it for.
    • You’ve experimented with and survived many different types of development and project methodologies, which has left you with a healthy appreciation for what works from the so-called “agile” methodologies and those that came before (and after) them.
    • You have no time for ceremony. Maybe you even hate it, but “hate” is too dogmatic a term.
    • You are humble enough to bend to the will of the frameworks, technologies, constraints, and people you work with when doing so won’t have a materially negative impact. In other words, you can play by someone else’s rules when that’s the easiest and/or best thing to do.
    • You make pragmatic (often boring) technology choices at work and you play in your free time (or whenever it’s appropriate). You don’t build science projects just because you are smart enough to build them.
    • You are confident enough that you don’t have to prove to anyone what a great developer you are, and therefore…
    • You don’t mind being the one that looks bad when you deserve it. You make mistakes sometimes, because you’re human, but rather than dwell on them you choose to fix and then learn from them.
    • You love to teach and learn from your co-workers.
    • You are confident with a number of programming languages, operating systems, and architectures. You probably have one of each you prefer right now, but you’re neither dogmatic nor myopic in your focus on it.

What you get from us:

    • A very international company that is taking the business world by storm 
    • A manager and a team that cares and helps you grow
    • Flexibility when you need it
    • Trust and responsibility
    • To work closely with designers and other developers in a tightly knit, cross functional, agile team
    • To be involved in all aspects of the product development, from user story to final implementation
Culture & Perks:

Tradeshift is a very special place. What makes and keeps us special is our people and how we work together. Our culture was formed from day one when three Danes poured their heart and soul into creating a platform that could connect every business in the world. We expect each employee to approach their job at Tradeshift with the same amount of pride and passion and embody the Tradeshift culture that makes us the best company in history.

At the center of Tradeshift’s values is the belief that the single most important thing we do is continue to hire the best people and create a workplace where they can thrive. To reward our employees for the great work they’re doing we offer a number of perks and benefits, including:

•  Ambitious international startup
•  Career and professional development opportunities
•  Flexible hours
•  Fully paid phone subscription and at home internet
•  Lunch and snacks in-house daily
•  A competitive compensation package + equity
•  Wellness program including in-house activities like yoga, running club and table tennis.

We are all different and we all have different needs and interests. Tradeshift strives for a great work-life balance for all employees. You will have the freedom to manage your working environment and flexible hours.

You will have the chance to join many fun, varied company events like happy hours, hackathons, family holiday parties, and many more.