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Our growing research and development team explores ideas that will push the science of security forward in disciplines such as program analysis, binary reverse engineering, live software patching, automated vulnerability identification, and applied cryptography. We are hiring new team members who are imaginative, know how to apply the scientific method to get quantifiable results, and wish to solve security problems through the collective effort of the research community. We believe in sharing our knowledge. It makes for a more fulfilling career. We provide incentives to present work at conferences, peer-reviewed journals, open-source projects, and on our blog.

Role Description
You will be contributing to two to three research projects. You will explore open-ended problems in reverse engineering, program analysis, cryptography, and other computer security-related areas. You will develop tools for collecting and analyzing low-level system information while keeping the needs of the end user a priority. You will often work in teams of 2-4 people, some of whom may be remote. Technical leads will assign responsibilities to you and other team members, and you will develop proofs of concept, prototypes, and enhancements to our existing tools to support a project's goals.

As a researcher, you will use a portion of your time to explore new ideas that interest you and are relevant to today's needs in computer security. Internal research projects you work on will be open-sourced, published on our blog, and submitted to well-respected and peer-reviewed security conferences.

We are looking for teammates who are self-motivated and attracted to learning new technologies. It is important that new researchers communicate and connect well with a team inclusive of remote employees. Occasionally, you will present and demonstrate your work to colleagues and external stakeholders.


    • Build reverse engineering, program analysis, and security tools
    • Connect daily with the team on Google Hangouts and Slack to describe progress, setbacks, ideas, and concerns
    • Create maintainable code and understand users' needs
    • Maintain installation files, user manuals, walkthroughs, and tutorials
    • Occasionally share your work with the company and external stakeholders
    • Collaborate with the team to write conference papers, blog posts, and funding proposals


    • We are looking for new team members for the following technical areas:
    • Strong C++ and/or Python development
    • Static analysis
    • LLVM development
    • Symbolic execution and fuzzing tools
    • Compilers and programming language theory
    • Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) or blockchain security research
    • Cryptography


    • We welcomed remote employees since our founding. Our workforce is 50% remote, and currently many chose to work from home. As long as you keep delivering good work, we keep our hands off your personal style and let you manage your work day as you work best.
    • Liberal expense policy for acquiring the equipment and software that help you do your job. If we need hardware, we buy it. Everyone has rack space and corporate cards.
    • We can tell you exactly what projects you'll work on and the people you'll work with. If it's not what you want, no need to initiate a lateral transfer, we can shift your work without an issue.
    • Every year, we pay for the best in conference training, technical training, and managerial classes for our team. Everyone is encouraged to identify additional opportunities for personal professional growth.
    • We routinely highlight the work our employees are specifically paid to do via our blog, product offerings, and conference talks. We talk about more than just side projects.
    • We're at the forefront of a number of markets and have the internal expertise and the ambition to capitalize on those opportunities. See your work in use and valued by many others.

Benefits for Eligible US Employees

    • Multiple generous health, vision, and dental insurance plans including no-monthly-premium options supporting individuals and families through JustWorks
    • Ancillary benefits including life and disability insurance, pre-tax commuter benefits, free Citi Bike membership, access to a HealthAdvocate, a healthcare Flexible Spending Account (FSA), and a free One Medical membership
    • 3-4 months paid leave for new mothers and fathers
    • 401k with 5% company matching through Betterment
    • Moving expenses: $5k one-time
    • Charitable donation matching up to $2,000
    • Bonuses for recruiting, public speaking, tool releases, blog posts, academic posters, proposals, and whitepapers, and end-of-year bonuses based on company, team, and personal performance
    • 14 company holidays and four weeks of Paid Time Off (PTO)