Advocate, Trans Lifeline Microgrants

United States
Trans Assistance Project needs your help!

Trans Assistance Project (TAP) is a national trans-led project of Trans Lifeline that gives money to and advocates on behalf of trans folks attempting to navigate legal and bureaucratic systems.

Right now we are focusing on getting people moving forward on getting their legal documents for name and gender marker changes, which includes sending them financial assistance. Some folks want help doing the research around the bureaucracy and processes; some already know exactly what they need and have done the research. We practice recipient-centered and trauma-informed support, meaning we ask what folks want to see happen and how we can be of help if they need it. By listening to and trusting trans people, we allow them to self-determine their own path to care.
The volunteer position involves talking on the phone and doing research on a computer, so it is necessary to have access to a phone, a computer and the internet on a regular basis.

Our advocates are trained to listen non-judgmentally and help our community access resources, provide any help they may require or be a listening ear in a time of need. Our advocates strive to be culturally competent and empathetic to help our diverse transgender community. We provide continuing training and support to all volunteers to reach these goals. We value the lived experience of our advocates.


    • Be over 18.
    • Have access to a phone - you will be answering calls on your phone.
    • Have access to the internet - all our trainings and ongoing communication between our staff and you will be online. You also need to be access the internet to find resources and keep in touch with the Microgrants team.
    • Show empathy and compassion.


    • Online training course with self study resources and polls, discussions, live webinars, and individualized mentoring by phone or video conference.
    • Ongoing mentorship under experienced staff.
    • Ongoing training modules.
This is a work from home volunteer position for people in the US. All training and interviews will be conducted over phone or video chat.

Trans Lifeline - Microgrants would not be possible without the help of people like you who have showed up to volunteer as advocates and support our community.
More information is available on our website.
Microgrants is a project of Trans Lifeline - a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization