Magnet Designer

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Transmutex SA is a Geneva-based enterprise designing accelerator-driven power plants. Their purpose is to eliminate the existing global stockpile of highly radioactive long-lived waste and at the same time to fight climate change by generating commercially viable carbon-free energy. 
For our growing team, we are looking to hire a full-time permanent expert on designing the superconducting magnets for the high-power cyclotron of START (Subcritical Transmutation Accelerated Reactor using Thorium), a mass-produced accelerator-driven small modular power plant. The cyclotron will accelerate protons at minimum energy of 600 MeV and a current of 6 mA. In addition, the cyclotron will have to respond to very high criteria of reliability and maintainability (e.g. re minimization of beam losses at injection and extraction). You work in Geneva in collaboration with Transmutex' engineering department as well as the Paul-Scherrer-Institute near Zurich and you report to Transmutex' Director of Engineering.
If you have at least five years experience in designing and deploying superconducting magnets for particle accelerators, are familiar with the leading magnet design programs (including, but not limited to, OPERA) as well as all the aspects of superconducting magnet technology and have some work experience in industrial settings, we look forward to your application. Knowledge of French and/or German is an advantage.
Apply by October 30.
Starting date: at your earliest convenience.
Remuneration: a competitive salary; social security, accident/disability insurance and pension plans; as well as five weeks paid vacation.