Sr. Java Engineer - Data Integrations

Tokyo, Japan
Arm Treasure Data began by offering data warehousing and processing services; since then we’ve moved further up the value chain with our Customer Data Platform application (CDP), which is seeing a lot of traction with customers new and old. CDP starts and ends with our Integrations to other systems.
Integrations are a part of the platform that communicates with the outside world, either bringing data in (especially bulk loads) or sending data out (such as data exports or events). As our velocity, volume, and variety of data grows we're also seeing some excellent opportunities to experience, learn, and grow.
You'll be working with the team. You'll start from learning our existing systems by developing new integrations, features, fixes, and quick improvements. This will be an ongoing part of the job as we expect this to continually evolve.
As your knowledge and experiences grow, and you establish strong working relationships with your local and remote teammates, we expect you'll work your way mainly focused on the underlying framework part of our Integrations.
In order to provide more integrations more quickly to our customers, we have an underlying framework of our Integrations. It is based on "Embulk", which is a bulk data loader tooling, started, open-sourced, and maintained by ourselves. We are looking for engineers who improves the internal framework and Embulk, and/or produces brand-new approaches, so that we can develop integrations more efficiently. It includes many areas, for examples:
Observability Tools - both for our customers and our support team, so that we can reduce the amount of escalations to developers. These range anywhere from surfacing signals from metrics or logs, kicking off test runs, health checks, improved error collection and reporting, and system tracing.
Performance - we're looking for someone to work with our platform team to build a high-throughput and low-latency architecture for import and export.
Quality and Resilience - as the volume and variety of data grow, long dormant bugs emerge. We need to improve our state of the art to keep ahead of the curve, and to prevent errors before they happen. Improvements in our automated quality control mechanisms, including system tests, will take us a long way in that direction. These efforts are expected to make things correct by design.
Security - Besides being customer-driven, we want our security and privacy features to be so easy-to-use so that our customers are encouraged to utilize. Demands for security, privacy, and auditing are much growing. There are a number of areas we can further shore up. For instance, more pervasive use of encryption, key management store supporting more frequent rotation, and scalable credential management with a number of integrations.
You and your team will work with other Engineering Teams, Product Managers, QA Engineers, and Customer Support Staff to understand what to build next and how to do it. You will collectively build, maintain, and operate the Integrations platform, while continuously monitoring, evaluating, and course correcting based on key metrics.
The ideal candidate will be able to help our team improve product related outcomes, such as ensuring that the Integrations Platform continues to scale with customer growth, and connects to an ever growing list of systems to improve the CDP value proposition.

Things you will do

    • Research and prototype technical feasibilities against third party APIs, work with Product Managers to refine requirement.
    • Build and contribute to integrations, extend the Integrations Platform to support a larger set of use cases, and maintain the various Integrations services.
    • Build, expand & improve, and maintain the Integrations production ecosystem of services written mostly in Java, and partially in Ruby on Rails. Write high quality, maintainable code always seeking high levels of test coverage.
    • Join the team in an on-call rotation to be able to react and respond to production incidents.
    • Build and maintain the infrastructure and infrastructure as code supporting the Integrations Platform in collaboration with Site Reliability Engineering team.
    • Leverage data and analytics to surface key performance metrics, improve observability, and reduce mean-time-to-recovery in the occurrence of incidents.
    • As part of our system resiliency efforts you’ll participate in our incident response practices, which involve on call, postmortems, defining takeaways, and scheduling fixes.
    • Collaborate with other teams in charge of the underlying data platform and storage system in defining requirements and initiatives to support the advancement of the Integrations Platform.

Your background and skills will include

    • Bachelor’s/Master's degree in Computer Science or equivalent.6+ years of software engineering experience with a proven track record for timely delivery.
    • Solid programming skills in Java and other typed programming languages.
    • Good understanding of REST Web Services API, experience with authentication mechanisms such as OAuth.
    • Passion for software development and problem-solving.
    • Experience building and maintaining systems as part of a SaaS product / product line.
    • Proficient with an open-sourced database implementation (MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc…). Experience with cloud services, preferably AWS.
    • Experiences to "contribute in" or to "start" a open-sourced framework / middleware / library in any language

We would be thrilled if you

    • Some experience with programming languages such as Ruby, Python, or Go.
    • Experience with agile software development methodology.
    • Experiences with ETL, large data processing
Working at Arm Treasure Data

You can expect a work environment where the team is collaborative and open to your ideas, while we keep our collective eye on supporting our customers’ needs.

Our team is committed to technical innovation in our product and in the world through customer collaboration, open-source projects, and by continuing to make our product an integral part of our customers’ growth and success.
We are an equal opportunity employer dedicated to building an inclusive and diverse workforce.

We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

About Us

Arm Treasure Data provides an end-to-end, fully managed cloud service (data acquisition, storage and analysis capability) for Big Data that is trusted and simple.  As the original developers of Fluentd, an advanced open-source log collector specifically designed to solve the big data log collection problem, Arm Treasure Data solves the problems for companies wanting the ability to manage their big data needs.

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