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Ready to change the world? We’re reinventing freight and logistics at Trella. We’re a YC-backed technology company and we're looking for the best talent out there to help us build and scale our product offering. We aspire to create a step-change in the industry and we want you to be a part of the journey!

At Trella, we are always seeking to innovate and deliver best-in-class service for shippers and carrier partners. Becoming the freight platform of choice is a company mission and goal. We believe that through our platform, we can improve the quality of the trucking industry, by providing full transparency to the market, whether it be carrier’s rating and quality, facilities or shippers. The role is focused on the scorings and ratings of carriers and shippers, internally and through the marketplace, in addition to blocking carriers and partners according to ratings and fraud. You will analyze trends to detect fraud, in addition to working on a risk analysis to prevent and mitigate any risks that could occur in the trip cycle. Your role will require cross-functional communication to solve challenging problems, and look ahead to avoid and mitigate potential issues.

what You'll Do:

    • Responsible for compliance of all carriers in our database, which includes full documents of carriers, correct details of carrier preferences and vehicle specs.
    • Identify and prioritize problems through marketplace assessment and carrier/fleet partner feedback.
    • Create metrics for internal scoring of carriers, shippers and facilities
    • Adopt Driver to Shipper and Shipper to Driver ratings through the marketplace.
    • Create risk management plans to be able to mitigate any risks that might occur and take preventative measures.
    • Monitor risks and fraud to be able to block users according to criteria specified.
    • Collaborate with the product team on product requirements and availing data that will assist you with approaching the problems.
    • Creating thorough project plans for each problem and adopting monitoring & control measures throughout execution. You will determine goals and metrics to measure the projects’ success.
    • Playbook each project and monitor different strategies through trial and errors, showing the result of each step.


    • Education | Bachelor’s Degree in Management, Data Science and/or Engineering
    • Work Experience | 5+ years experience
    • Nice to Have(s) | Relevant experience in data analytics and/or project management, program management or operations management. Other valuable strengths include:
    • Analytical skills - SQL experience and data analytic tools (excel)
    • Organizational skills
    • Communication skills and tools - presentations and reporting
    • Critical eye and attention to detail
    • Thinking outside the box… realistically
Trella aims to structure and regulate the freight industry with a goal of improving efficiency and reducing waste throughout the entire supply chain. This can only be achieved through building technology to create an interconnected network of carriers and shippers. Through this technology, Trella will improve shipping routes, increase truck utilization and efficiently batch shipments. This will effectively reduce costs throughout the entire supply chain, improving carrier and shipper economics and ensure both ends of the marketplace profitably grow their businesses - creating unprecedented economic opportunities in the logistics space - while reducing environmental waste.