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Ready to change the world? We’re reinventing freight and logistics at Trella. We’re a YC-backed technology company and we're looking for the best talent out there to help us build and scale our product offering. We aspire to create a step-change in the industry and we want you to be a part of the journey!

About the Role

If you are ambitious about completely transforming the transportation to, from, and between Egypt’s ports, and relish the challenge of building an unprecedented platform that enables businesses to succeed on a whole new level of efficiency, then this is the perfect role for you. You get to work at the intersection of moving economies through inland and port freight and manage key marketplace stakeholders in a fast-paced environment with the ultimate goal of driving a step-change in the industry. You shall not only be responsible for the fulfillment of shipments, or the efficient running of the Ports Supply, but you will also be responsible for creating, setting up, launching, monitoring, controlling, and managing a whole new system to run said supply; one that is based on the deep engagement of stakeholders, that allows the company to reach its efficiency goals, and that bridges the gap between the on-ground supply and Trella’s internal tech and marketplace.


    • Bridge the gap between on-ground supply and internal stakeholders, providing a clearer picture for both ends to drive efficiency progress forward.
    • Create and develop a new method of efficiently running the Ports supply, attaining an extremely engaged carrier base.
    • Set, communicate, monitor, and record team KPIs.
    • Manage and align key stakeholders for successful launch.
    • Monitor, control, and report the progress of the new method of running supply.
    • Strategize and direct new sales for the optimization of supply engagement, retention, and utilization.
    • Build a structure, through people, processes, and systems, to efficiently scale while raising the bar of execution.
    • Liaise with supporting functions for the successful implementation of the team’s collective vision CommOps, Finance, People, Sales, Marketing, and Product/Tech).
    • Manage any issues that come up in the normal operation of freight movement.
    • Be able to speak to core operational and growth metrics with the management team.
    • Be resourceful, scrappy, and get things done.

Requisites / Prerequisites

    • Education| Bachelor’s Degree
    • Work Experience | 10+ years of proven experience, at least 5 of which is in a position of management.
    • Hands-On Experienced - A strong hands-on background of handling trucks, carriers, and fleet partners is essential for this role, and so is an extremely strong understanding of ports dynamics, and port operations.
    • Savvy - Very well informed with on-ground conditions, including operations and market dynamics, and is able to accurately provide details and insights into on-ground pricing.
    • Dedicated - Has a strong attitude towards getting things done and is passionate towards driving the vertical to achieve its collective goals.
    • Innovative - Adopts a mindset that is focused on doing things better, faster, and more efficiently.
    • Agile - Has the ability to collaborate, accommodate, and work with a highly diverse set of customers, transportation partners, and internal partners in an ever-changing, and extremely fast-paced, environment.
    • Driven - They also need to have an impeccable work ethic, combined with an exemplary standard for the quality of work they provide.
    • Challenging - Is inclined to challenging status quos, suggesting alternative solutions that lead to better overall performance.

    • The applicant shall also be required to:

    • Demonstrate the ability to solve complex problems under pressure.
    • Collaborate and work with a highly diverse set of customers, transportation partners, and internal partners.
    • Be passionate about the service needs of our customers and transportation partners.
    • Be analytical and retain an immense critical thinking ability.
    • Have strong communication and organizational skills.
    • Retain the ability to balance attention to detail with swift execution - we need to do things quickly, and we need to do them well.
Trella aims to structure and regulate the freight industry with a goal of improving efficiency and reducing waste throughout the entire supply chain. This can only be achieved through building technology to create an interconnected network of carriers and shippers. Through this technology, Trella will improve shipping routes, increase truck utilization and efficiently batch shipments. This will effectively reduce costs throughout the entire supply chain, improving carrier and shipper economics and ensure both ends of the marketplace profitably grow their businesses - creating unprecedented economic opportunities in the logistics space - while reducing environmental waste.