Digital Strategist, Beauty Specialty

New York, New York
Digital Strategy

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Legal Work Status

  • Are you authorized to work lawfully in the United States?
  • Will you now or in the future require visa sponsorship for employment at Trendalytics

Challenge Questions

  • Which magazines and/or blogs do you read religiously?
  • Which 3 companies would you most want to work for and why?
  • What's one fashion trend on the rise? Why?
  • What's one fashion trend on the decline? Why?
  • Based on the information you've gathered, describe what Trendalytics does in one sentence?
  • How has social media changed fashion?
  • Please provide a SWOT analysis on a company of your choosing. Please keep this BRIEF and remember, there are no wrong answers.
  • What's an example of a merchandising/buying business decision that could be made based on Trendalytics data?
  • What's an example of a marketing/social media business decision that could be made based on Trendalytics data?
  • Want to showcase your writing, design, blogging, or presentation skills? We'd love to see! Please share a link below.

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Our company values diversity. To ensure that we comply with reporting requirements and to learn more about how we can increase diversity in our candidate pool, we invite you to voluntarily provide demographic information in a confidential survey at the end of this application. Providing this information is optional. It will not be accessible or used in the hiring process, and has no effect on your opportunity for employment.