Technical Data Science Lead (Listing ) (İstanbul-Ankara-İzmir)

Istanbul (All) / Ankara / İzmir
Engineering, Technology & Product – Data Science /
Full-time /
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We were founded in 2010 with a dynamic and agile start-up spirit. The trust of around 30 million customers and 250,000 sellers has made us the first decacorn in Turkey. Our success is backed by renowned investors such as Alibaba, General Atlantic, Softbank, Princeville Capital and several sovereign wealth funds. In 2022, we opened our first dedicated international office in Berlin and expanded to Amsterdam, Luxembourg and London. And that's just the beginning!

Tech at the root
We believe that technology is the driver and e-commerce is the outcome. Thanks to the dedication of our team, we have become one of the top 5 e-commerce companies in EMEA and one of the fastest growing worldwide. We currently deliver over 1.5 million parcels daily to 27 countries.

Growth is in our DNA
As a young and dynamic company, we are constantly growing and expanding. With Trendyol Tech, one of the leading R&D centres, Trendyol Express, the fastest growing delivery network, Dolap, the largest platform for second-hand goods, and Trendyol Go, our instant food and grocery delivery service, we are gearing up to become the world's leading e-commerce platform.

Focused on positive impact
Our vision goes beyond business success. We strive to make a sustainable and positive impact on our customers, business partners, and society. By digitizing merchants and SMEs, helping businesses grow, and promoting women's economic empowerment, we are dedicated to creating a better future.

If you are a techie, you belong in our Technology Team that builds scalable, high-performance platforms for our customers using up-to-date and efficient technologies.

We are all working with the same purpose: To create a positive impact in our ecosystem by enabling commerce through technology.


    • Data Science department in Trendyol consists of 90+ talented data scientists organized under several domains. Each domain is autonomous and empowered to experiment with new ideas while cross-collaboration is strongly encouraged with horizontal structures
    • At the core of Listing Tribe, we focus on three key areas: Search, Pre-Search, and Seller Ads. Each area has its own specialty, but together, they make our platform easier to use and more effective. This teamwork ensures that your experience with our wide range of products is unmatched
    • The Search Team is the backbone of the search experience, dedicated to refining our users' search experiences across multiple languages and countries. Our mission is to guide customers through our extensive catalog by providing personalized solutions tailored to their needs. We place a significant emphasis on tackling ranking problems, enhancing relevancy, and optimizing search components to ensure the utmost efficiency and user satisfaction
    • The Pre-Search Team paves the initial steps of exploration, guiding users towards the right pathways. Leveraging tools like auto-complete and innovative strategies like query re-write when searches yield no results like, we streamline user journey from the moment it begins. By refining how queries are understood and addressed, we ensure a smooth, uninterrupted flow towards the products that best match your intent
    • The Seller Ads Domain aims to balance, optimizing ad placements to benefit both our sellers and the broader platform ecosystem. Through targeted recommendation ads, search ads, and store ads, we ensure that sellers can effectively reach their audience, enhancing visibility and maximizing returns, presenting opportunities for discovery and connection
    • With a firm belief in the power of Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), we adopt a progressive approach, iterating continually to evolve and perfect our solutions. Joining our team means contributing to a culture of innovation, where every challenge is an opportunity to improve and every solution is a step towards excellence
    • In this role, we expect the listing tech lead to guide team members through their solutions and assist them with technical challenges. They are responsible for overseeing the research process and guiding the team through paper implementations
    • Overseeing the algortihm implementation infrastructure deciding process, identifying infrastructure shortcomings, determining necessary improvements, and following up on issues to ensure a smooth process flow. The tech lead ensures that projects progress seamlessly from development to the production stage


    • 5+ years of proven experience in a variety of machine learning modeling techniques—including classification, regression, learning to rank algorithms, clustering, and gradient boosting—coupled with a profound understanding of deep learning frameworks
    • Understanding of ecommerce domain and search engine technologies
    • Familiarity with search ranking algorithms, information retrieval techniques, and deep learning based CTR models
    • Familiarity with libraries and frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, scikit-learn, xgboost and lightgbm
    • Proven expertise working with large data sets in multiple Data Science areas such as: Statistical Methods (e.g. Testing, GLM, Inference), Statistical/Machine Learning (e.g. Dimension Reduction, Clustering, Neural networks, Regularisation, Bagged/Boosted methods), Time Series, Natural Language Processing, etc.
    • Experience with experimentation and causal observational analysis
    • Expert knowledge of Python, SQL (Spark or similar big data technologies is a plus)
    • Experience in Cloud based environments, specifically Google
    • Possesses strong analytical skills to interpret complex data and derive actionable insights
    • Approaches challenges with a solution-oriented mindset, capable of troubleshooting issues and overcoming obstacles
* Take responsibility from day one and develop your skills with a talented and diverse international team.
* Experience open communication, flexibility, and a start-up spirit in our unique culture.
* Tackle big challenges in e-commerce with Agile practices and encourage growth by learning from mistakes.
* Join creative and focused teams that prioritize collaboration and problem-solving.
* Access our extensive training platform for continuous learning and personal growth.
* Benefit from the support of a global team of experts with mentoring and professional development opportunities.
* Focus on talent and potential, not just job titles.
* Connect with teammates regardless of physical distance through events, meetings, and social activities.
* Enjoy competitive benefits such as Trendyol shopping budget, central and international office locations, and top-of-the-line technical equipment.

We're looking forward to receiving your application!

We embrace a hybrid working model that seamlessly blends the best of both worlds—remote productivity and the collaborative energy of our vibrant offices. Every month, we gather at our offices once to work side by side, fostering in person communication and embracing the camaraderie that fuels our team spirit. These sessions are crucial for teamwork in solving complex issues, socializing, learning from each other, and experiencing our culture.

Each division has a pre-set optional office day each week. Based on our preferences, we come together at our offices at our discretion as an opportunity to feel more team spirit, immerse in our culture, and familiarize ourselves with our way of workings.

We offer the opportunity for a two-month full remote work program, allowing you to work from abroad, during the summer period (July to August).

This working model applies to our hybrid job postings; on-site roles require being based in an office work environment.

Discover more about our #LifeatTrendyol and our culture on our WebsiteLinkedIn and YouTube channels.

At Trendyol, we believe in the power of an inclusive workplace. We value diversity and believe that every team member contributes to our vibrant culture. Our platform is for everyone, and so is our workplace. We encourage the representation and amplification of diverse voices in our business, as it allows us all to thrive, contribute, and shape the future together.