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Trevco helps the world’s largest brands materialize their vision through designing, manufacturing, and selling licensed consumer products. Over 100+ brands are partnered with Trevco including Warner Bros (Superman, Batman, Harry Potter) CBS & Showtime, Star Trek, NBC Universal, DreamWorks, 80s Rock bands such as ACDC, KISS, sports leagues like the NHL, colleges & universities across America and so many more.

Your Role:
Be an entrepreneur inside of one of the largest Amazon & Marketplace sellers in the USA. The Category Manager (Amazon Strategist) will be responsible for owning certain product categories with certain brands & programs. The Category Manager is responsible for the success or failure from a revenue, sales & profit standpoint of that product category. You oversee the entire process of selling on marketplaces like Amazon & Walmart, from A to Z including but not limited to:

1. Influencing the product development road map
a) What art to design and why
b) What changes to make in the base product
c) What new products to introduce and why
2. Partnering with finance to determine the pricing strategy
3. Partnering with the listing & merchandising team to list, optimize & merchandise listings and brand stores
4. Partnering with the demand planning team to submit inventory for FBA & FBA replenishments. Then managing the stale inventory by creating promotions, coupons, and pulling other marketing levers.
5. Partnering with talented internal Amazon Advertisers to build the appropriate Sponsored Brand Ad & Sponsored Product ad campaigns using proprietary Amazon Advertising technology and our Search Term Isolation bidding philosophy
6. Analyze & enhance your efforts throughout the growth stage of each product using advanced custom-built analytical tools.

Using your expert, up-to-date grasp of e-Commerce/marketplace tools, strategies, and best practices, you will manage campaigns from concept to execution to analysis. You’re the captain of your category, steering your colleagues forward through good project management to ultimately generate sales and profitability.

In the 1st Month you will...
- Research and strategize the following:
- Analyze our products: Get a grasp of the products and ASINs in your category. Look at what is succeeding and what is failing and why.
- Analyzes our Licensing Rights: Get a grasp of which licensed brands we have the rights for in your product category
- Analyze FBA Inventory: See what is moving, what is stale, and why.
- Analyze Advertising: What is being advertised, how it is being advertised, what is working and what is not
- Begin developing an attack plan, that would yield an increase in revenue & profit, and justify your plan. Presenting this plan to your Sr. Marketplace Strategist & Marketplace Director for sign off.
- Have your plan back into your annual sales target, for each month in 2021.

Sharpen your skills in Month 2 by...
- Begin executing on your attack plan and project manage the process through the project tracker
- Work with R&D to initiate new product or product enhancements
- Finalize a working list of the # of new designs to create, for what products, and with a general design direction, and begin working with art team.
- Work with advertising to begin improving ad performance
- Manage stale inventory by taking the appropriate action
- Create new listings where appropriate
- Partnering with our technology and data team to ensure you have the appropriate views of your business.

Execute in Month 3 by...
- Begin sending in new FBA units for new opportunities
- Start making noticeable sales (and profit) increases. Report these increases to your Sr. Strategist Director.
- Begin tracking towards your sales target & plan.

Desired Skills and Experience

    • 2 years' experience in Amazon selling & marketing
    • Great organization & project management
    • Excellent verbal and written communication and problem-solving skills
    • Critical thinking skills and attention to detail
    • Ability to work well in a team environment