Senior Manager - Research, Data Fusion, Automated Mapping Platform (AMP)

Ann Arbor, MI /
Automated Driving – Automated Mapping Platform (AMP) /
Since antiquity, when sea routes and land routes were perilous for people and goods, having up to date and highly accurate maps have been a requirement for safe travel. These maps were patchworks of military sketches, captain logs, and merchant updates, and over the centuries became more and more detailed. In an era of growing vehicle automation, having up-to-date and highly accurate maps is equally critical to ensuring safe vehicle operation both on the highway and on surface roads. Yet map building remains an extensive and highly manual process, meaning real-time high definition map updates often propagate through to the user with a delay of months or years from the date when they were collected, rendering them useless beyond limited driver-assist functions. It is time for a new paradigm.

At TRI, our work is guided by a dedication to safety – in how we research, develop, and validate the performance of vehicle technology to benefit society. As a subsidiary of Toyota, TRI is fueled by a diverse and inclusive community of people who carry invaluable leadership, experience, and ideas from industry-leading companies. Over half of our technical team carries Ph.D. degrees. We’re continually searching for the world’s best talent ‒ people who are ready to define the new world of mobility with us!

We strive to build a company that helps our people thrive, achieve work-life balance, and bring their best selves to work. At TRI, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds ‒ a fun start-up environment with forward-thinking people who enjoy solving tough problems and the financial backing to successfully achieve our goals. Come work with TRI if you’re interested in transforming mobility through designing safer cars, enabling the elderly to age in place, or designing alternative fuel sources. Start your impossible with us.

The Automated Mapping Platform (AMP) team is responsible for developing a new high definition mapping cloud platform by integrating sensor data from vehicles and global imagery from satellites. It is an open software platform based on a contribution model: participating developers accept that vehicles deploying their application or software contribute anonymized sensor data to the platform. In return, every developer has easy, safe, open and sustainable access to high definition maps from across industries, fleets, and carmakers. One-stop-shop open APIs that allow developers to focus on building software. No need to worry about specific map implementations and maintenance, just pull down the data needed whenever it is needed. Updated maps will use mainstream camera data, the map update and building process will be increasingly automated, and satellite imagery will help build out a global road network where vehicles are not present in sufficient numbers to support a data pipeline.

The role of the Data Fusion, Automated Mapping Platform (AMP) team is to process and fuse sensor and camera data from diverse vehicle sources with a high definition map developed using aerial and satellite imagery. This team will act as a bridge between the Automated Mapping Platform team at TRI-AD in Tokyo and the Localization and Mapping team at TRI. The expected output will be an accurate, scalable, semantic HD map of the world.


    • Lead a team with varied strengths with openness and fairness so that each employee is empowered to produce his or her best work
    • Lead and motivate exceptional individuals in "hands on" development role, balancing technology and business objectives.
    • Collaborate with other software engineers and research scientists to develop state-of-the-art localization, mapping and data fusion algorithms for autonomous vehicles.
    • Support the development of large data sets and data pipelines for system training and evaluation.
    • Develop high-quality software designs that allow for both high-performance and maintainable software
    • Live and breathe the software practices that produce maintainable code, including automated testing, continuous integration, code style conformity, and code review.
    • Create and improve services and systems to generate map data based on algorithms developed in house based on probe, aerial and satellite imagery
    • Create services and products that serve world-scale data
    • Involved in the process of maintaining the map database at nationwide/worldwide scale
    • Educate those around you to the ways of good coding practices


    • 8+ years of professional experience in related position Ph.D., M.S. or B.S. in Computer Science or a related field
    • Superlative communication skills vital to encourage employees, enroll multi-functional teams, engage senior leadership, and deliver results.
    • Exemplifies proven leadership skills in people management including remote staff management, program execution, team-building practices, and customer relationship management; has the ability to build strong bridges with all other parts of the business, while effectively leading both upwards and downwards
    • Ability to operate in a technical, product driven environment
    • Strong C++ or Python software development skills.
    • Strong understanding of distributed and parallel computing. Familiarity with automated testing practices. Proficiency in linear algebra, probability, statistics.
    • Experience with OpenGL, Qt, or other visualization tools a plus. Experience in Robotics, SLAM, AI, or Computer Vision a plus.
    • Experience in map updating/management and operation in real production, in large-scale operation and real-time processing
    • Experience in map installation or usage in in-vehicle units (eg. knowledge of maps based on NDS or HD-MAP in navigation/ADAS/AD systems)
    • Experience in map generation/update pipeline, including database handling and migration
    • Experience in developing massive data collection & management system bringing to bear a modern cloud vendor infrastructure
    • Experience in large-scale operations and developing real-time processing platforms
    • Experience in developing distributed systems and their operation
    • Excellent communication and people engagement skills
    • Business-level English (No Japanese required)
    • Working knowledge of typical agile tools (Git, Jenkins, Docker, JIRA, Confluence, etc)
    • Understanding of Agile/Scrum methodology. Experience of agile a plus.
    • We expect our leaders to be technical and have a deep understanding of our codebase (C++ and Python) and development practices
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