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About Triplebyte
Triplebyte helps companies find and hire great technical talent. For any company building software, this is crucial for success. A recent survey of top C-Level Executives, across multiple industries, showed that software, R&D and recruiting technical talent are the top areas they are planning increased investment and budget over the next 5 years. Companies like Apple, Dropbox and American Express trust Triplebyte’s online technical assessment to identify the best engineers for their open roles and reduce the time and effort it takes to hire them.

We just raised a $35 million Series B and our team of 40 will double in size during 2019. Now is a great time to join as we're on an exciting growth trajectory. You will have lots of opportunity for taking on responsibility and developing new skills quickly.
We have built Machine Learning models that predict the likelihood of an engineer getting an offer from a particular company. Interviewing and assessing engineering talent tends to be noisy, but our technical assessment has proven to be good enough to extract meaningful signals. We collect data on interview results and in-house evaluations, which gives us a unique dataset to play with. We've used that data to deliver a 40% conversion rate on our candidates at interview to offer, compared to the industry standard 20%.

Our mission is to create a scientific method for identifying great talent and intelligently route it to the best place, streamlining and speeding up the recruitment process, while removing human biases that can hold back some candidates.

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You can also read some case studies with a few of our partner companies like Box, Instacart, Mixpanel and Gusto and also learn more about us on our press page.

We're an experienced team, the founders have each built and sold companies before. Ammon and Guillaume founded Socialcam (acquired by Autodesk for $60 million) and Harj was the first partner hired at Y Combinator since its founding.

About the Role
(Note for clarity: This role is primarily focused on increasing the diversity of Triplebyte users who are using our platform to find new jobs and will be part of our Growth/Marketing functions).

As our Head of Diversity you'll be focused on the same big picture goal as our growth team, growing the number of engineers finding opportunities through Triplebyte, but with a particular focus on diversity groups. We're looking for you to be deeply passionate and thoughtful about diversity in technology issues. You'll work closely with multiple teams here to understand how we can best reach and engage more diverse groups of engineers. Product, marketing, growth and user support teams will all be your allies in finding creative solutions to hitting our diversity goals.


    • Working on marketing strategies and content to engage diverse groups of engineers who would find value from new opportunities on Triplebyte.
    • Organizing and attending events where important diversity in tech issues are being debated and discussed. You'll bring your own voice to these discussions.
    • Working with product and marketing on ways to building the Triplebyte brand as one that signals inclusivity and equal opportunity.
    • Anything else you can think of to help create more diversity in technology, whether it directly fits into Triplebyte's product or not.
Compensation and Benefits
Competitive salary and stock options package
Open vacation policy
Employer paid health, vision and dental insurance
401(k) plan with matching
Pre-tax commuter benefits
Daily catered lunches

Our Mission
We believe strongly in building a truly meritocratic, unbiased process for finding great talent. Even the best technology companies today still use where people went to college as a proxy for intelligence and ability. We're building a process that looks only at ability, not credentials, so we can have a future where everyone can focus on just learning and being good at what they do, not how they look on paper.

Every aspect of running a company has been improved over the last decade, except hiring. Most decisions are still made using amorphous terms like "gut feel" or "culture fit". They should be made using crisp data. Only a company specializing on this problem, using data collected from the hiring process at hundreds of companies, can solve it. That's the company we're building. Our mission is creating a scientific method for identifying great talent and intelligently routing it to the best place. Starting with software engineers.