Growth Engineer

San Francisco
About Triplebyte
Triplebyte is a hiring marketplace used by companies like Apple, Dropbox and Stripe to hire the best technical talent. We've built a credentials blind process for evaluating technical skill and use this to help companies hire great people from any background. At a recent CTO summit, senior engineering executives and leaders from over 160 companies including Apple, Google and Slack said:

"Triplebyte has garnered a following. It's a service that helps candidates take coding quizzes that qualify them to connect with a number of jobs. As an employer, there's an advantage, because you only have to pay per hire you actually make."

We just raised a $10 million Series A from great investors including Initialized Capital, Jessica Livingston, Paul Graham and Marissa Mayer. You can read about it here:

Techcrunch (Triplebyte has raised more money for its background blind tech recruiting platform)
Wall Street Journal (TripleByte Aims to Shake Up How Companies Recruit Engineers)

You can also read some case studies with a few of our partner companies like Instacart, Mixpanel and Gusto and also learn more about us on our press page.

We're an experienced team, the founders have each built and sold companies before. Ammon and Guillaume founded Socialcam (acquired by Autodesk for $60 million) and Harj was the first partner hired at Y Combinator since its founding. You can read more about Triplebyte in the press here. We've got traction and are looking to grow our team of 23. This is a great time to join.

About the Role
Triplebyte matches software engineers to companies. Our Growth team ensures that talented software engineers know about the benefits of Triplebyte as they start their job search. Some of these engineers find us via paid digital marketing on channels like Facebook, AdWords, and LinkedIn. We're looking for a creative and analytical Growth Engineer to create and optimize our paid digital marketing campaigns day-to-day, with the goal of bringing more talented engineers onto our platform. This role will primarily focus on efficient paid user acquisition. We already run successful campaigns at a fair amount of scale (6 figure monthly budget) and are looking for someone with experience and expertise to optimize these channels at larger scale.

Key Responsibilities

    • Design and execute experiments to test and improve the efficiency of our paid media.
    • Copywriting, creating graphics, audience targeting, execution, and reporting.
    • You'll stay on top of a dozen digital advertising platforms as they evolve.
    • You'll own our relationships with media platforms and agencies.
    • We're looking for someone who can really take ownership over things. We're happy to offer suggestions but ultimately we want to trust your judgement on what to test next and have you follow through on it, measure it, and determine the next steps to take.


    • The confidence and ability to work individually. You'll be joining our Growth team where most of your day will be self-directed toward whatever priority you find most important to moving the needle.
    • We're looking for analytical skills to design and run experiments to see what works best.
    • We're looking for digital marketers with demonstrated experience running large-scale direct response campaigns and optimizing them over time.
    • We're expecting strong individual creative skills of copywriting and graphic design.
    • We expect you can speak well to our unique audience of software engineers, communicating our value proposition many ways, from your own brainstorming.
    • We expect you're comfortable with paid marketing concepts like audience targeting and bidding, with experience on Facebook or AdWords, and the ability to quickly learn and adapt to new platforms.
Our Mission
We believe strongly in building a truly meritocratic, unbiased process for finding great talent. Even the best technology companies today still use where people went to college as a proxy for intelligence and ability. We're building a process that looks only at ability, not credentials, so we can have a future where everyone can focus on just learning and being good at what they do, not how they look on paper.

Every aspect of running a company has been improved over the last decade, except hiring. Most decisions are still made using amorphous terms like "gut feel" or "culture fit". They should be made using crisp data. Only a company specializing on this problem, using data collected from the hiring process at hundreds of companies, can solve it. That's the company we're building. Our mission is creating a scientific method for identifying great talent and intelligently routing it to the best place. Starting with software engineers.