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What Do We Do?
Triple Whale centralizes and simplifies all the metrics used by Shopify sellers, enabling them to save more time and make more money. We help e-commerce businesses accurately track and forecast all kinds of metrics, including changes in profits and operational metrics. Our goal is to infuse AI into e-commerce, empowering shops to have an accurate picture of their business and make optimal choices that boost their bottom line. Launched in mid-2021, Triple Whale already has over 11,000 clients, top-tier investors, and growing hubs in Columbus, North Carolina, and Israel.

About the Role:
The AI department is focused on bringing value to our customers through the development of algorithms and analytical solutions. As an applied AI Engineer in the department, you will be a valuable member of an innovative and technical data science team working on various problems. The department uses a wide variety of advanced techniques and algorithms to provide maximum value from data in all shapes and sizes (such as classification models, NLQ, anomaly detection, image generation, time series, and more).
The team uses versatile methods and state of the art tools to deliver the most accurate insight and optimal decisions to our customers. We are responsible for the design, research, development, deployment and maintenance of these tools, hence part of our work includes writing and deploying production code.

What You'll Be Doing:

* Understand and explore the e-commerce domain, research, build and deliver sound insights, recommendation and automation solutions.
* Collaborate with fellow team members on exciting and challenging projects.
* Use state of the art tools to achieve high and robust performance. 
* Research, develop and maintain our AI repositories with quality algorithms by writing maintainable, performant code.
* Deploy and maintain your researched ML Models at scale within our cloud environment
* Implement the MLOps philosophy in everything you do.
* Collaborate with Product Managers, Dev and Data Engineers to provide great impact at scale while expediting model life-cycle.
* Constantly search for data driven value propositions for our clients.
* Constantly improve our model’s quality, and performance.
* Desire to continually keep up with advancements in data science practices. 


* 2+ years experience as a data scientist, applied researcher or similar in the industry, developing and training models in Python.
* M.Sc/Ph.D in exact sciences
* Engineering Background - developer/engineer experience - a must.
* At least 1+ year developing in Java/TypeScript/JavaScript or similar (Python/R excluded).
* Experience in Machine Learning techniques, Time Series, NLP, Optimization, DNN, Recommendation Systems, Bayesian Optimization, and Data Science best practices.
* Deep theoretical knowledge in ML algorithms related to the relevant disciplines,
* Ability to write clean and concise code in Python and SQL with the ability of writing production level code and the experience of deploying it. 
* Excellent communication skills with the ability to clearly explain complex concepts to business stakeholders and the ability to work closely within a team. 
* Creative thinker with a proven ability to innovate through data exploration and application of complex and multi-discipline solutions.
* Curiosity, high level of self learning capabilities.
* Experience using CI/CD tools - mandatory. 
* Experience using Cloud (preferably GCP) and Distributed frameworks, e.g. Spark/Kubernetes - Advantage.

Our Values
We Are Customer Obsessed: From our mission to every detailed project, everything we do is designed to create a positive impact for our customers.
We Move (Very!) Quickly: The speed at which we work, iterate, and deliver value is our most competitive advantage. 
We Are Trustworthy: Candor, directness, and honest communication helps us learn, grow and improve so we can win together. 
We Are Curious: We extend beyond our comfort zone and ask questions that guide us towards new, creative, and bold paths.
We Act Like A Mensch: We act with honor, integrity and empathy, and have deep respect for our customers and each other.

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