Senior/Principal Data Engineer

Los Angeles, California /
Engineering /
Full Time
/ On-site
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    • Data Engineering: 3+ years in companies with 50+ people focusing on building data infrastructure, data modeling and data pipelines
    • Previous experience, ONE of the following:
    • DBA: 4+ years (Working with production grade databases such as Postgres, MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle)
    • DevOps: 4+ years (AWS/GCP with terraform/terragrunt experience)

Skills & Responsibilities

    • Architecting data infrastructure (moving parts on AWS)
    • Experience with AWS (Redshift, Airflow, EMR, RDS)
    • Experience using any of big data databases (Athena, BigTable, Redshift, etc...)
    • Experience with Python and Pandas (2 years+ of active development)
    • Experience architecting databases (tables, schemas, indexes and query optimization)
    • Experience with Airflow DAGs
$100,000 - $170,000 a year
Salary will be defined based on:
- Proven experience
- Amount of employee stock option allocated
You will be our second Data Engineer, setting up our infrastructure from the ground up, using Medallion approach to data processing, establishing data distribution solutions (Kafka/Debezium), populating consumer databases such as ElasticSearch and Postgres from source of truth (Gold S3 Parquet buckets).

You don't have to have a Master's degree or be able to invert a binary tree, we expect you to figure out how to model our multiple sources of data, enrich it and distribute to other consumer databases, how to sync all of that into ElasticSearch, how to do incremental updates, how to transform and validate massive amounts of data, how to map it, how to score our profiles using in-house algorithm, etc.

- Building truly innovative HRTech solution for companies, schools and candidates.
- Working with all modern tools and technologies.
- Moving fast and trying new ideas constantly.
- Greenfield.
- Big data. A lot.

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