Infrastructure Engineer

Truss is helping the government redefine how it builds software and infrastructure using modern development practices common in Silicon Valley.

We hire capable engineers to work on small, imbedded teams and expect you to be able to learn additional required skills/tools as you go. You will employ user-centered practices to help revolutionize the way services, depended on by millions of Americans, are designed, implemented, and delivered. You care deeply about working on technology that affects people’s lives, and are passionate about building large-scale systems that are well-designed, fast, scalable, and secure.

We are seeking driven, curious, and quick-learning Engineers to join our team. We are looking both for experienced technologists willing to lead and mentor on our projects. A position with Truss will allow you to develop a rich skill-set working in an energetic yet balanced environment with a team of curious, helpful people.

Here's what we hope you'll bring:

    • Great communication! Including thoughtful listening skills, the ability to express complex ideas clearly and succinctly, and the ability to communicate well in writing
    • The ability to deal well with ambiguity and act with autonomy
    • An adaptive, empathetic, collaborative and positive mindset
    • 2+ years of industry coding/infrastructure experience
    • Proficiency in at least one commonly used programming language, such as Python, Ruby, Go, Javascript, or Java
    • The ability to think holistically about engineering issues
    • Knowledge of engineering fundamentals and architecture
    • A thoughtful, process-oriented approach to development and engineering, such as debugging or object oriented design, DevOps practices, and agile software development
    • Initiative, curiosity, a bias for action, and a problem-solving attitude
    • Familiarity with AWS and code deployment tools
    • An aptitude for automated system design and implementation (automated deployments and/or automated testing)

In this position you will:

    • Build production infrastructure to be reliable, secure, and performant
    • Build and maintain infrastructure as code to automate the configuration, provisioning, deployment and monitoring of our core systems
    • Collaborate with the government and other contractors to invent, implement, and deploy new systems and improvements to existing systems
    • Architect new systems and changes to existing systems to support new functionality
    • Maintain production systems and investigate issues when they occur
    • Develop software that improves and automates infrastructure
    • Make & drive technical decisions to completion
    • Mentor others on the team and outside the team where appropriate

    • Exceeding Expectations:
    • Have an impact outside the infrastructure engineering team - be the face of automation in the organization and help to build and grow the team’s capabilities
Truss is a software consultancy known for pragmatism, autonomy, expertise, and trust. We build strong relationships with our clients, contractors and employees and we believe that this is fundamental to doing great work. As a Truss engineer you will facilitate bringing these values to those truly trying to make a difference in our government and enable them to understand what their citizens actually need rather than implementing a perceived solution.

If you have more experience than is reflected here, that’s great! We’ll be pleased to exercise your broader/deeper skill set. We value inclusion and welcome diverse viewpoints. We encourage all interested candidates to apply!