Senior Business Analyst

Waltham, MA
Full Time

Working with our Chief Strategy, Business Development and Marketing Officer, and reporting to our Head of Analytics, you support our Analytics function to make sure we make data-driven decisions based on solid analysis.

Your duties may vary from crunching reports to understand demand-supply balancing, to evaluating price elasticity, to evaluating return on marketing investment.  The common thread is that you love to dive into the numbers to find patterns and understand what’s happening inside the business.

You’ll work across functions, with obvious opportunities to partner with our CEO, CFO, Head of Marketing, and Chief Sales Officer.  We’ll train you in Tableau (if you’re not already a wiz) and you’ll become a go-to for all things data in our business.  Your work will impact the most important decisions we make as a company to navigate the huge growth opportunity in front of us.

Skills & Experience

You are:
A Management Consultant, Investment Banker or Similarly-Trained Problem Solver:  We’re specifically looking for someone who’s spent 1-3 years being trained in modeling and problem-solving.  You love crunching numbers, you make great slides and you’re a clear and direct communicator.

Highly Analytical:  You crave data, you crunch, you live for A|B tests, you’ve seen it from the classroom and the team room, now you want to see it from the inside.

Energetic:  A startup is no place for downers, you like to be positive, laugh at work, and be a force for good in a hard hat world.
TRUX, Inc. ( is a tech company building solutions used by some of the world’s largest heavy construction companies to find, dispatch, track, manage, and understand the resources that drive their day-to-day operations.  We are creating the first true community of resources for dump truck drivers.

We're unleashing the power of mobile technology on the construction industry by building integrated, data-driven solutions to problems that construction companies face every day.

We’re a fast-moving tech startup innovating in an old-fashioned space ripe for disruption.  The opportunity is huge and we’re grabbing it with both hands!  We’re well funded but still early so there are great opportunities for new TRUXers to make a big impact as we grow.