Front End Scraper Engineer

San Francisco
Screen scraping is a critical function at, where we scrape a merchant's screen in real time to parse product data and to inject our Try button. The ideal candidate will demonstrate in-depth knowledge of Web fundamentals including HTTP, HTML5, CSS, DOM, JS. They will be a proponent of Web standards, and follow proposed and emerging standards closely. They will be familiar with common site structures and navigation systems including client-side routing and patterns involving modern front-end frameworks including React and Angular.

Candidate will be responsible for writing robust programs for realtime scraping of data from various consumer retail Web sites. Many different strategies will be employed to achieve scraping goals so flexibility and a spider-sense of how things could break is a must. This is a challenging role that is a core piece of the business so accuracy, consistency and robustness are a must.


    • HTML5
    • CSS
    • DOM
    • Javascript
    • HTTP