Google CCAI Developer

India: Hyderabad
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At TTEC Digital, we coach clients to ensure their employees feel valued, and fully supported, because an amazing customer experience is an employee first process. Our vision is the same, a place where employees know they can thrive.

We are looking for an enthusiastic Google CCAI Developer, with expertise in Chat and Voice Bot solutions, NLP, cloud services configurations, backend integrations, Java, JavaScript and Python to join our growing Multi-Channel Solutions team.  As a Google CCAI Developer, you will have hands-on exposure to a wide range of technologies and will be responsible for providing technical solutions to meet the various needs of our clients. You will enjoy involvement in the full life cycle of an implementation project, while interacting closely with the client to meet specific needs throughout the process. 
What you’ll be doing:
·       Interpret and analyze business requirements to identify risks and design appropriate solutions.
·       Develop and assess the capabilities and limitations of the applications and technologies and recommend alternatives and solutions.
·       Provide guidance for business decisions from a technical perspective on such issues as performance, scalability, reliability, and security.
·       Collaborate with project team members to provide input to design specifications related to speech application.
·       Develop Chat / Voice applications using AI services.
·       Integrate to backend systems such as web services, databases and reporting.
·       Develop customized language models for voice applications
What skills and experience you will bring:
·       4 to 6+ years of experience in chat and voice AI service technologies
·       1+ years of experience with Google CCAI
·       2+ years of experience in Natural Language Processing solution design and development
·       3+ years of experience in Natural Language Understanding design, development and testing
·       1+ years of experience in continuous improvement services
·       JAVA, JavaScript, .NET, C#, R, HTML, Swift, SQL and Python etc.
·       Proficient written and verbal skills
·       Strong knowledge of various speech engine capabilities and tuning concepts
In addition, the ideal candidate will have experience with:
·       Speech to text and Text to speech services such as Nuance, Google, Amazon and Watson
·       Natural Language Processing and chat platforms such as Google, Watson, Rulai, Verint Alme,, Amazon and LivePerson
·       Continuous Improvement process
·       Cloud Services Architecture
·       Development Languages
o   Java, Python, R, HTML, JavaScript, Node.js, AngularJS, C#, .Net, SQL, SDK development, Objective C, Swift
·       Integration with back-end data systems
- Web Services REST API, Soap
- Databases SQL, Oracle, MongoDB, PostgreSQL
- Reporting