Site Reliability Engineer

Mountain View, CA

Tubular Labs is the worldwide leader in online video intelligence, serving over 5,000 video creators and 130+ enterprise customers, including Viacom, Warner Bros., HGTV, Activision, AwesomenessTV, Maker Studios and Fullscreen. Tubular's audience and content insights empower our customers to refine their content and distribution strategy, find and partner with influencers, and optimize their promotion budgets. In order to accomplish this,Tubular analyzes the engagement of over 400 million viewers and tracks 2.2 billion videos across 30 platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, AOL and Yahoo.

Tubular's site reliability team manages the infrastructure that operates our service. To accomplish this requires a diverse set of systems and understanding of the reliable tradeoffs that need to happen so that performance and uptime can be delivered to our customers. We ingest millions of data points hourly and provide real-time access to billions of objects to transform them into meaningful insights to our customers.

Our infrastructure while large is still young in what is possible. Bring your expertise and help us make the best use possible for our AWS infrastructure, using Docker, RPMs or other best practices to deliver high performance and reliability. This is a great opportunity to take a leadership position where you will be part of the team building our future, where you choose to specialize is up to you, we've got a great foundation to build on.

What you will do

    • Be a part of our engineering team delivering scalable performance to our customers
    • Build the tools and scripts that help us monitor and maintain our infrasturcture
    • Work on projects that move from instance oriented deployments to coordinated container deployments
    • Push the limits of our software stack to give faster and more consistent performance
    • Oncall like any operations team is a key responsibility, we are lucky that we have an overseas team that also works the rotation in the middle of the night (win!)
    • Mentor developers to build the standards by which we deliver our infrastructure

We are looking for engineers with

    • Strong industry experience in architecture and development of scalable production quality backend systems
    • Our infrastructure includes Python, SaltStack, Cassandra, MySQL, ElasticSearch, Hadoop
    • Experience running services on AWS and the cost / performance tradeoffs that can be made
    • Solid understanding of distributed systems, data stores, data modeling, indexing, and associated trade-offs