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Our campaign is made up of people from all walks of life, from all parts of the country, who are called to a higher purpose—putting service above self. We are patriots, not political operatives, and we are here to serve.

We are running a different kind of campaign. We are not an establishment machine. We are not a plug-and-play operation. We’re people-powered. We don’t accept PAC money. We are self-organizing, story-driven, and solution-oriented. We intend to stay lean, hungry, and mission-focused.

We’re friends. We’re in it because we love the American people, our country, and our planet. We’re in it because we know Tulsi has our backs, and we’re committed to have hers.

If you have a fire in your belly; if you affirm the positive; if you take responsibility; if you know down into your bones that the power is with the people; and if you believe that peace is possible, JOIN US!