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Washington, DC
Software Engineering
Engineering at Tuple Health
At Tuple Health we develop and deploy technology in our fight against complexity in healthcare. Our approach to building a great engineering organization is to hire people who are committed to continually becoming better full stack engineers, regardless of current experience level.

Engineering for healthcare requires more than technical excellence. It requires empathy and an ability to situate technology in context. Our engineers work closely alongside clinicians, user researchers, designers, and data scientists to explore the complex human system that is healthcare. Along the way we’re engaging with fascinating engineering problems across the entire stack.

Tuple Health is organized around the idea that a small group of people can change a massive industry. Here is our strategy for how a small engineering team can have an outsized impact:

Meaningful industry: We work in an industry that is socially important, economically large, and needs a great deal of technology enabled progress. Healthcare personally affects everyone, it is a big chunk of the US economy, and it is filled with outdated and frustrating technologies.

Cross-functional team: Healthcare is a complex human system that only a diverse multi-disciplinary team can understand. This means our engineers have to learn to speak a variety of languages including medicine, design, and data science. (Our team is discussed more in the next section.)

Authentic customer relationships: We build genuine partnerships with our customers based on mutual trust. These relationships enable us to build technology in a user driven way.

User research and design: We fall in love with problems, not solutions. User research and design helps ensure that our technology meets the needs of our users.

Iterative development: We’ll never know less than we do right now, so we grow complex systems iteratively. However we aren’t dogmatic about any particular flavor of agile or lean development.

Become full stack generalists: We push ourselves to solve the whole puzzle. Every engineer at Tuple Health is encouraged and trained to work across the stack, including front-end, back-end, data pipeline, devops, and security.

Use the best tools: The best tools make teams significantly more productive. We currently use TypeScript, Node, React, Material UI, GitHub, and dozens of Amazon Web Services (e.g. RDS, Redshift, S3, EC2, VPC, CloudFront).

Development standardization: Standardization is required to make a big impact with a small team. It enables us to focus on healthcare problems instead of technology problems. At times this can mean prioritizing team alignment over individual autonomy.

Automated testing: We can’t solve new problems if we can’t keep our existing solutions working. Rigorous testing gives us the confidence to refactor code, deploy frequently, and onboard new team members.

Automated devops: We embrace a variety of devops practices to decrease the time between insight and improvement, including continuous testing, continuous integration, infrastructure as code, and system monitoring.

Security: We have the responsibility to protect patient health information, so security is the first and last responsibility of every engineer on our team.

What it means to work at Tuple Health
At Tuple, we’re grateful to be doing the most important work of our careers with some of the best colleagues we have ever worked with. Central to who we are is how we treat each other. We want each person on our team to flourish, in pursuit of our shared mission to help bring the miracle of medicine to more people more affordably. Everyone on our team is supported to grow, to learn continuously, to work with freedom, to pursue meaning in their professional life while having their personal life respected. There are a number of characteristics that make Tuple a different and special place to work:   

We’re self-funded and growing
We as a team fully control our destiny, and we each play an important role in shaping it. Our methodical approach towards growth enables us to function as an integrated whole led by our CEO/Founder but also provides each of us with high degrees of autonomy to lead what work is done and how it is done. The result is that we aren’t beset by traditional office politics and bureaucracy, nor the craziness that often envelopes startups.

We care about and invest heavily in each other
As a small team tackling big projects, our success relies on our mutual responsibility and dedication to our mission, to each other, and to our customers and clients. The trust we’ve built amongst ourselves and our clients is a testament to this approach. An emphasis on responsibility and dedication allows us to focus less on management, and more on coaching, mentoring, and systematic learning. We are a flat organization that offers everyone the scope of contribution and leadership that they are comfortable with.

We work in a truly cross-disciplinary fashion
While each of us individually has specialized expertise in our respective functional areas, we work together fluidly. A central thesis of our team is that to truly change healthcare you need to integrate expertise from clinical care, healthcare reform policy, human centered design, data science, and software engineering. We come from different backgrounds and domains, but learn to speak each other’s languages. Humility is what makes this work, and we strive to reach consensus and mutual understanding before committing to the group decision and proceeding with optimism.

Significant opportunity for impact and upside
We’re a company built for the long-term, with a unique, once-in-a-career opportunity to make an impact in a fundamental area of the human experience by creating transformative technologies.

What We Offer Full-Time Employees:

    • Comprehensive Medical and Dental Coverage
    • Company Sponsored 401(k)
    • Flexible hours
    • 3 months of paid maternity leave
    • Relocation support to move to DC
    • Ability to shape and mold the company as we grow
Tuple Health is an Equal Opportunity Employer where diversity is celebrated. We strive to create an inclusive environment for all employees.

If Tuple Health sounds like a place for you to grow and find meaning in your work, we’d love to hear from you! Please apply or send us questions at