Automation Integration Engineer

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We encourage people of all backgrounds and identities to apply for this role. Automation is a huge industry, and we need a diverse range of people on the teams building its future.

The Company:
Tutor Intelligence deploys robotic systems, equipped with our own state-of-the-art physical AI, directly into factories across the United States. The company is an MIT-founded startup, run by a team of high-powered, curious, self-driven engineers, technicians, and salespeople. We’re on a mission to put robotics where they’ve never gone before: the average American factory.

Job Summary:
Tutor is looking for an addition to our deployment team: an automation systems engineer who can bridge the gap between a good idea and reality. You’ll interface directly with a potential client, become an expert on the nuances of their products and facilities, design the cohesive automated process around each proposed robot, and implement, driving the deployment to fruition.

This is a job that provides enormous room to grow, and we’re looking for somebody who’s excited to grow with us. At an early-stage startup like Tutor, every team member can have an immediate and tangible impact on the company, and we’re looking for somebody who finds that idea incredibly exciting.

Start Date: January 2024 at latest

A good fit for this role...

    • Gets. Things. Done.
    • Likes to tinker electromechanically and solve tricky problems
    • Enjoys talking to people about real-world challenges
    • Thrives with their hands in a bunch of different things all at once
    • Isn’t afraid to tackle open-ended systems problems
    • Can be decisive, take action, and follow through
    • Wants to do things that create value for other people


    • Bachelor's Degree
    • Experience building electromechanical systems
    • Excellent communication skills (in conversation and writing)
    • Fantastic project management skills (time management, balancing priorities, taking the right risks)
    • Excited by travel and off-site work (spending time at client facilities, trade shows, etc.)
We're looking to hire people of all identities and backgrounds. If you’re unsure if you meet our requirements, please apply anyway; we'd love a chance to consider your application.