Application Frontend Engineer

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As a frontend software engineer, you will work on the software development of our robot and store operation platform. You will work on 4 major components in our system:
1. Robot User Applications: Applications for store operations staff to operate robots and manage information of beverage products sold at the store
Store operation application
2. Robot Annotation Application : Application for annotating robot movements
3. Robot operation application
4. Operation management system: Web app to manage the robot and store

This position needs professional experience with frontend application development on game application or web.


    • Gather and analyze requirements of our GUI and design software to meet the requirements.
    • Implement GUI of the robot management system
    • Implement UI of the robot operation system
    • Continuously investigate & improve the software to achieve better UI/UX
    • Test for new implemented functionality with actual robot and store environment
    • Define API requirements for robots and updates to communicate


    • Experience developing applications in Unity using UniRx
    • Experience developing and operating released applications
    • Experience in team development using Git
    • Experience developing GUI applications with UI/UX considerations
    • Experience and knowledge of or interest in software design in anticipation of ongoing development
    • Language requirements: English (practical level), Japanese (conversational level)

Creative Mind and Problem Solving Skills

    • Implementation of interfaces to partition dependencies via Dependency Injection 
    • Experience with Rx package UniRx and Di package Zenject or VContainer
    • UI/UX design based on UCD (User Centered Design)
    • Development based on TDD (Test Driven Development)

    • Although the applications we develop are B2B, the users are no different from those in the B2C market. Therefore, development must focus on the user experience. In particular, since robots operate the system, safety must be taken into consideration. UI/UX design to prevent user operation errors is important, and proper testing is required to prevent bugs

Nice to Have Skills and Experience

    • Professional experience in web front-end software (JavaScript/ HTML/CSS)
    • ROS development experience
    • Experience in network application development
    • Experience with cloud platforms such as AWS, GCP, Azure, etc.
    • Experience developing VR applications and their design
Position Location will be at Telexistence's Headquarters Office (Harumi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) or another location designated by the company.
The role assignment may be modified based on organizational requirements. This could include changes to your job responsibilities, reporting structure, or team assignment.