Software Engineering Returnship - Frontend Web Development, Team F

U.S.A., San Francisco
Path Forward Return-To-Work Internships – Path Forward Return-To-Work Internship

The Path Forward Return to Work Internship Program:
The Path Forward Return to Work program at Udemy is for professionals returning to the workforce after taking time off for caregiving. If selected, you’ll get 16 weeks of paid employment doing work you love for one of the world’s most innovative companies in EdTech! You’ll have the chance to update your skills, add new experience to your resume, and make new professional connections. You’ll also receive support through Path Forward, a nonprofit organization on a mission to empower people who’ve been focused on caregiving transition back to the paid workforce.

The program is open to anyone who has at least 5 years of professional experience and have been out of the paid workforce for at least two years to focus on caregiving. If you meet these criteria and your skills match our needs, we welcome you to apply.

Udemy’s Team F is responsible for frontend frameworks, fast, and frickin’ awesome things. We are looking for a frontend engineering intern to join us to work on a wide variety of initiatives to improve the Udemy website as well as the development experience for frontend developers.

You Will:

    • Help us to migrate our legacy JavaScript code to React and ES6.
    • Research, evaluate, and integrate new tools to improve the developer experience.
    • Improve code quality and performance in various ways.
    • Write well-tested code and participate in code reviews.
    • Grow your software engineering skills with the help of strong mentorship.

Qualifications (You must be comfortable):

    • Writing code in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
    • Using a version control system such as Git.
    • Using both object-oriented programming as well as some functional programming concepts (closures, map, promises).
    • With some form of server-side programming (using JavaScript with Node, Python, or any other language).


    • ES6
    • Python
    • Linux command line
    • Git
    • Writing tests for your code
    • React
    • MobX
    • Webpack
    • Angular 1
    • Contributing to open source on GitHub

    • You don’t need to have these skills, but you will end up working with a subset of them. We expect you to be open to learn them on the job (with all the help that you need).