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Isn’t it time you did something for yourself?

We think so, too. That’s why we want you to come Be Your Own CEO at Unacast.

At Unacast, we believe that unlocking the black box of human mobility data is the key to advancing innovation. That's why we’re building the Real World Graph® to provide a truly transparent and accurate understanding of the real world.

It's literally uncharted territory, which means a sense of adventure is a must. Want to come along?*

*Unacast is an equal opportunity employer and we encourage you to apply

We are now hiring Client Success for Unacast Turbine!

Unacast Turbine is one of Unacast’s main business arms. In this area of our business, we have built a location data processing platform (Turbine) that is enabling our clients to turn their 1st party raw location data into aggregated privacy friendly human mobility insights. We offer this platform, as a service, to our clients and guide them towards a data driven and profitable future. Turbine is growing fast and already have clients in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

We are now hiring the very first client success person to the Turbine team, to take our client focus to the next level.

Importance of Client Success at Unacast

With complex and evolving technology products, clients need ongoing help to adapt and realize value. When a new client signs with Unacast, it’s only the start of the value exchange between the two. Most of the mutual value accrues over time as the customer benefits and continues to explore the realms of human mobility data and data monetization.

One of Unacast’s differentiators in the space is ongoing customer care and growth. This is why we use the term Client Success versus Account Management. A Director of Client Success leads our strategy to develop successful client relationships and gain trust through product knowledge. The important thing to note is that the Director of Client Success is never content with the client’s satisfaction.

The Director of Client Success works together with the Unacast team to successfully straddle the gap between company interest and customer interest and between product expertise and customer insight. When implemented correctly, the Client Success Team at Unacast has proven to be a powerful growth engine. By not having a “sales title”, the focus shifts from  “win the customer”, to “show the customer the path to value.”  As the Client Success team earns trust, clients invite them to participate in more internal conversations. This gives them insights for recommending a path to value, regardless of whether that path includes additional revenue.

To us, innovation is the ability to tackle the challenges we don't currently know we have before someone else does it. For that reason, we acknowledge that we need a diverse team with different backgrounds and experiences. If you feel that your knowledge can help us get to the next level, we'd love to speak to you.

What you will do

    • The Director of Client Success is responsible for the development and maintenance of their client base which is mainly dominated by Telecommunication Companies (Telcos) 
    • As many of our telco clients are part of larger telco groups, one of the main focus areas for the Director of client success is to get more and more telco group companies on our client list. This can have a monumental impact on Unacast’s future success
    • The Director of Client Success must gain a strong understanding of Unacast’s data processing platform - Unacast Turbine. They must be ready to develop creative and collaborative solutions for existing clients, always in close collaboration with the supporting Unacast Turbine team 
    • The Director of Client Success must be willing to bring ideas to clients and always keep the client educated on all Unacast Turbine product updates & innovations
    • They must ensure that clients are satisfied with the company at all times and will bring in repeated business by resolving any outstanding issues. The Director of Client Success should be engaging with clients daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly. The line of conversation should never cease and on-site training and marketing collaborations are a large part of client relationships at Unacast
    • Two of the most important traits of Unacast are honesty & professionalism. The Client Success Team is the face of the company, therefore all deliverables & external interactions are held to an extremely high standard (emails, presentations, phone calls, conferences, business dinners, etc.) In this role, you must be professional, formal, trustworthy, hardworking, organized, and motivated
    • At Unacast, Director of Client Success performance metrics include: Client Retention, Client Engagement, Product Knowledge, & Client Satisfaction. When the Director performs at a high level across these metrics, incentive plans begin to roll out tied to contract renewals & product upsells

What you need

    • 3-5 years of experience in the Tech Industry or Consultancy
    • Experience from working with sales is a big plus but not required
    • Experience from working with large corporate clients is a big plus but not required
    • Experience from working with Telecommunication Companies is a big plus but not required

Who is Unacast?

Verified, actionable data facilitates fundamental insights in industries such as research, retail, real-estate, finance, advertising technology, city planning, transportation, and artificial intelligence. Location data is a key component, the core intelligence, that creates value for the players in these industries.

To help understand the impact of COVID-19, we have released many public dashboards and datasets to better act on both the health crisis and the economic crisis.

Unacast is a leader in transparent, contextualized location data. Like Google indexed the web, Unacast is indexing the physical world through The Real World Graph®, designing products that merge multiple types of data on human mobility to empower companies and individuals alike to make smarter decisions.

Unacast is a fast-growing Nordic company based on Nordic values with offices in Oslo and NYC. We were recently named "The #1 Small Company To Work At In NYC" and have been featured everywhere from Techcrunch to Forbes. We were named as one of 50 NYC Startups To Watch in 2019, and our co-founders were named to The Nordic 100. We were also awarded the Best New Nordic Company and Best IoT Startup at the Nordic Startup Awards. Inc. Magazine called us “The startup that just might threaten Google”.

We have strong revenue growth and have in the last three years raised over $50m in venture funding to fuel global expansion into new verticals and geographies.

Our company values are deeply embedded into everything we are and everything we do:

Be your own CEO: Everyone at Unacast can and is expected to take charge of their own situation, and make sure the company as a whole moves forward. Waiting for some feedback? Go get it! Want something done? Do it! 

Trust through transparency: Dare to be vulnerable and show ourselves and the world who we really are. The trust we build through transparency will help to lift us all higher than we can rise alone.

Have fun, seriously: Create an unexpected moment that surprises and delights team members and partners. Everyone needs fun in their life, especially while doing something important.

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