Talent Manager (Oslo, Norway)

Norway, Oslo

Unacast is looking for the world’s most talented Talent Manager
We’re hiring! We are now looking for a Talent Manager to join us in our Oslo office in Norway.

The position
Unacast is entering its rapid-growth phase, from 30 employees to over 100 in a year plus and we are mindful that this process needs to be guarded carefully - to both protect our unique culture and to evolve it as new employees join us. To steer us through this challenging and exciting time we are inviting a Talent Manager to come onboard the company at our Oslo office and manage the people-side of one of the most ambitious global tech companies in the world.

Your main hub will be at our Oslo offices, but you are free to work from anywhere you want as long as you get things done, and to take all the vacation you need. You’ll also have the opportunity to work out of our NYC, US offices for periods of time, and you can expect to travel there at least a couple of times every year. Speaking of Oslo, Unacast is firmly rooted in Scandinavian work principles where we avoid middle managers and red tape. Rather we organize ourselves in smaller teams that has the mandate to decide on their own strategies and effectuate accordingly.

To us, innovation is the ability to tackle the challenges we don't currently know we have before someone else does it. For that reason, we acknowledge that we need a diverse team with different backgrounds and experiences. If you feel that your knowledge can help us get to the next level, we'd love to speak to you.

Responsibilities (in Norway)

    • Lead Unacast´s hiring and talent scouting processes
    • Help develop and execute Unacast´s onboarding strategy
    • Help locate competence gaps and fill those gaps through future recruiting
    • Build and develop Unacast´s employee branding strategies
    • Help cultivate and grow the unique Unacast company culture
    • Ensure that we all have a good time while conquering the world
    • Be the link between all the existing and future Unacastles in the world
    • In charge of employee administration, like vacation, pension, insurance, handbooks
    • In short, you will be the hub of the company at our Oslo office
    • You will work in close partnership with our Talent Manager in NYC, US


    • Degree from organizational psychology, economy, or more marketing oriented educations
    • Extensive experience from HR roles
    • In-depth knowledge about legal aspects related to HR
    • Extensive experience from building recruitment- and onboarding strategies
    • Management experience
    • Experience from growth companies in tech is a plus

Who is Unacast?
Data has quickly become the new oil in many industries. Verified and actionable data facilitates fundamental insights in industries such as advertising technology, research, finance, and artificial intelligence. Location data is a key component, the core intelligence, that creates value for the players in these industries.

Unacast is a data company and the leader in location and proximity data, Like Google indexed the web, Unacast is indexing the physical world through The Real World Graph™ - designing products that merge proximity data with other existing data, such as GPS data.

Through Unacast our customers can easily tap into the growing amount of accurate location data derived from physical data on a global scale. We provide real-time insights to power physical and digital communication between brands, retailers and end users, and reduce noise in order to give our customers a better understanding of the physical world.