Business Planning and Market Analysis Internship

Madison, WI /
Internship Summer 2022 /
About Understory:
Climate change is creating a crisis for the insurance industry and those who rely on it for financial security.
Every year, severe weather causes billions of dollars of damage. Yet traditional insurers lack the tools to accurately assess and price severe weather risk. Without knowing what to expect, insurers expect the worst, leading to unaffordable premiums. For industries such as retail automotive and agriculture, traditional insurance is becoming unattainable. These business owners are at risk of financial devastation whenever a storm strikes.
Understory is the first company to solve the insurance coverage crisis with data-driven insurance for severe weather, starting with hail. Our growing network of ground-based Dot weather sensors, combined with our Atmospheric Intelligence AI, allow us to assess and price any weather risk in the world.
When severe weather strikes, Understory detects it and triggers a fast, predetermined payout. There are no burdensome financial deductibles, and no lengthy claims process. Ultimately, Understory allows capital to quickly flow where it’s needed most after a disaster, protecting everything from automobiles to the world’s food supply.
About the Role:
Understory's technology supports the implementation of new insurance products and techniques. As we enter new markets, we are looking for an energetic student to conduct market analysis and build high level business plans to help vet these opportunities.
Our focus areas center around solutions to climate risk with the application of technologies to detect specific perils and understand the resultant damage. Your work will dive deep into proposed solutions that help clients and businesses build resilience against the impacts of climate change.
In this role you will:
• Receive an introduction to insurance terminology and best practices as applicable to this role
• Produce a financial and market analysis for one of our proposed future products
• Design business strategies
• Perform other tasks as assigned by your manager related to new business development
Internship Program Details:
• The Summer Program is a paid, full-time, 13-week internship
• Students are expected to intern for 40 hours/week alongside their respective virtual and in-person team
• Students MUST be available for the entire duration of the program which runs from May 23 - August 19, 2022
Intern Requirements:
• Working toward a Bachelor's or Master’s degree
• Currently studying business, economics, statistics, entrepreneurship, or a related field
• Be over 18 years of age and able to work in the USA
• Must be fully vaccinated
• Bring their student mentality and be willing to learn new skills
• Have confident communication skills and enjoy working in a collaborative group setting
• Have a solid work ethic and desire to succeed in a fast-paced startup environment
• Work well independently and as part of a team working towards a common goal
• Be slightly competitive and willing to go the extra mile to get the job done