Senior UI/UX Designer

Product Development
Do you feel physical discomfort when you see a web app that’s not well designed and is hard to use? Do you cringe when it loads slow or the colors are all wrong or that menu is just downright confusing? Then we’re looking for you!

We want to build a highly interactive web application that is fast, simple to use and engaging. All that is hard to do. We know that you will need to dive in deep into our domain and get to know our customers (personas) really well so that you can come up with a well thought out and tested user experience for them.
You will have full control and ownership over user experience and design of the product. You will have real influence in the direction of the product and company.

Who we are:

    • We’re a SaaS company that helps online retailers grow by automatically attracting, converting and retaining customers
    • We’re a scrappy start up that is rapidly growing. With backing from investors, we are excited to expand our team

You’re good at:

    • User-centered design and testing methodologies, and usability and accessibility concerns
    • Facilitating design meetings with the team to avoid silos (ie. running design sprints)
    • Creating wireframes from concepts, building InVision flows so that the team can understand what to build
    • Defining a UX and Design process that works well for a fast moving startup but still well organized and researched
    • Converting the product wireframes to a high quality design 
    • Responsive design
    • Creating and implementing design systems (Atomic or Modular Design)
    • Sketch, Photoshop or Illustrator
    • Indesign (when required)
    • Color theory

You’re excited by:

    • Learning new things
    • Pairing with other collaborators from time to time (front end developer, business analyst or product manager etc.)
    • Personal growth and company growth
    • An egoless environment
    • What does your day at the office look like?
    • Your day will depend on the week in the office. If we are in the discussion phase for a new feature, you might be facilitating design meetings with a cross section of the team on what the user needs. Based on the meeting you may then come up with a few user journeys. If we are in the testing and research phase for a feature, you might be conducting separate or group interviews with 2 - 5 customers. If we are in the planning phase then you may be in a meeting with product owners to confirm the UX

We have:

    • A challenging and ambitious single page web application to build
    • A unified user experience across product, sales, marketing, customer success to create
    • A great team that is committed to quality
    • Infrastructure being built for continuous delivery
    • A brand to build from scratch
    • Scrum planning processes that reduce waste and keep the team focused on delivering value
    • An open mind to new ideas and methods
    • A beta program which allows us to ask our customers whether our hypotheses are correct so that we don’t build the wrong thing (Lean Startup feedback loop)
    • An allergy to unnecessary meetings
    • A belief in “Sparketing” - it just means that Sales, Product and Marketing always work closely together. We don’t like throwing things over walls. We prefer high collaboration

What you get:

    • Competitive Salary
    • Equity options plan
    • Benefits
    • Join a great team