Test Automation Engineer

Pune, India
Product Development
Test Automation Engineer

Do you want to feel that at the end of the work day, you have helped make a high quality web application for customers? Do you feel that quality in itself is a whole team effort and not just for the QA team to accomplish? If that’s rewarding for you, then we are looking for someone just like you to join our Pune team.

We are building a highly interactive web application that is fast, simple to use and engaging. Every application has to undergo automated and manual testing. We follow the principles of the Testing Pyramid, which emphasizes that the vast majority of testing should be done by automated tests while manual testing is kept to a minimum.

We want to build fast, but building fast without a proper attention and process to quality will produce more problems in the future. Thus we have committed to following the principles of ATDD/Specification by Example and preventing issues rather than reacting to them after they occur.

Who we are

    • We’re a SaaS company that helps online retailers grow by automatically attracting, converting and retaining customers.
    • We’re a scrappy start up that is rapidly growing. With backing from investors, we are excited to expand our team.
    • We are building a highly scalable and reliable event processing platform using Serverless architectures (AWS Lambda).

You're good at

    • Reading and writing Gherkin scenarios (Our Business Analyst will write them, but you may need to jump in and fix things sometimes)
    • Pairing with developers as soon as pick up a user story to work on and helping them figure out what they should test and when
    • Being able to modify or unit tests and other types of tests in Java using jUnit or other similar frameworks (we expect you do be able to understand jUnit, but not write all the tests - the developers will need to do that)
    • API Testing (REST and GraphQL)
    • Knowledge on AWS would be a plus
    • Identifying which Automated tests are missing and letting others know
    • Selenium & other testing tools
    • Operating Linux
    • Being proactive and report or address issues before they happen
    • Acting quickly and obsessively on issues that are found

You might also be good at (not required)

    • Capable of using Version Control Systems such as git
    • Familiarity with managed CI tools such as Circle CI, Travis CI or Codeship
    • Experience with one or all of Cassandra, Kafka, AWS Kinesis or AWS Lambda is a plus
    • Some experience with Apache Spark or Apache Storm/Heron is desired

You're excited by

    • Learning new things
    • Having to share the keyboard every now and then to work something out with another collaborator.
    • Personal growth and company growth
    • An egoless environment!
    • Continuous improvement (in yourself, in the processes, in the business)

We have

    • A great team that is committed to quality.
    • A challenging and ambitious new web application to build and support
    • A unified user experience across product, sales, marketing, customer success to create
    • Infrastructure being built for continuous delivery so that issues can be resolved very quickly and new features pushed to production quickly
    • Serverless infrastructure that can automatically scale with our needs (using AWS Lambda)
    • Scrum and ATDD planning processes that reduce waste and keep the team focused on delivering value
    • An open mind to new ideas and methods.
    • A beta program which allows us to ask our customers whether our hypotheses are correct so that we don’t build the wrong thing (Lean Startup feedback loop)
    • An allergy to unnecessary meetings
    • A belief in “Sparketing” - it just means that Sales, Product and Marketing always work closely together. We don’t like throwing things over walls. We prefer collaboration.

What you get

    • Retrospective after every sprint so that the team can improve every single sprint
    • Join a great team
    • Monthly One on Ones to give managers feedback
    • Transparency
    • Ability to contribute to building a great culture and define the direction of the company
    • Competitive salary

Our core values

    • We do the right thing
    • Through open and real communication, we listen, we care, we serve
    • We are curious, innovative and lean
    • We hire and develop the best
    • We face challenges with optimism
    • We have a bias for action
What does your day at the office look like?

You will pair closely with developers and help write automated tests. When required, you will also pair with business analysts to discover what the expected behavior is. There will be certain types of tests that will require manual testing (Exploratory and UAT) and you will need to perform those. We are automating backend as well as frontend testing.

Oh, and when issues do occur in production, you will act on them fast. You will recreate the issue, find who can help fix it, assign or pair with that person and get it into production with urgency.

As a company, we are here to help you on that mission. We are setting up the systems and infrastructure to be able to push to production at any time and without worry.