Senior Frontend Developer

Akron, OH
Product Development
Are you a Javascript (Junkie || Jockey || Jabbawockie || Resig)? The mission of such a person on our team is to build a very easy to use, interactive and advanced single page application using React.

Easy to use, interactive AND advanced. Is that even possible?

You reply: "of course it’s possible!"

If it’s not, you will figure out a way to get it done because we WILL challenge you. We won’t rush you though. Our team follows the scrum methodology and we want to work closely together in a steady rhythm with well thought out requirements, wireframes and designs. Oh we like to release often, so we use feature hiding, unit tests, integration tests and acceptance tests to ensure that we CAN release often.

Who we are:

    • We’re a SaaS company that helps online retailers grow by automatically attracting, converting and retaining customers.
    • We’re a scrappy start up that is rapidly growing. With backing from investors, we are excited to expand our team.

You’re good at:

    • Picking and winning fights with browsers (the HTTP ones - not the human ones, sorry!)
    • React or Vue.js (we picked React first, but if you know Vue or Angular, we think you can handle React)
    • Using GraphQL to talk with the backend
    • Front end build tools like Gulp, Grunt, Broccoli, Webpack, JSPM/SystemJS. You tell us what else.
    • Maintaining a healthy relationship with ES(5 || 2015 || 6 || *) and their syntax
    • Raising a hand when asked about: Transpilation vs Polyfills
    • Keeping that hand raised when asked about TDD, Jasmine and others
    • Putting up the other hand when asked about HTML5 && (CSS || less || sass)
    • HTTP Protocol (can’t think of anything clever to say here, how about you?)
    • (Corny jokes || Grumbling at corny jokes || Dancing after Eureka moments)
    • Showing ‘undefined’ who is boss.
    • Solving problems, being consistent and detailed (as if nothing above covered this)

You’re excited by:

    • Learning new things
    • Finding that great design pattern that actually fits!
    • Having to share the keyboard every now and then to work something out with another collaborator.
    • Personal growth and company growth
    • An egoless environment!

You might also be good at (but not required):

    • React Native
    • Git, but any other VCS will do
    • D3.js or other graphing or charting libraries
    • Linux/Unix

We have:

    • A challenging and ambitious single page web application to build.
    • A great team that is committed to quality.
    • A "design sprint" process (honestly we are trying to apply this to our company particularly and trying to understand how it works)
    • Infrastructure being built for continuous delivery.
    • Serverless infrastructure that can automatically scale with our needs (using AWS Lambda)
    • Scrum planning process that usually reduces waste and keeps the team focused on delivering value.
    • An open mind to new ideas and methods.
    • A beta program which allows us to ask our customers whether our hypotheses are correct so that we don’t build the wrong thing (Lean Startup feedback loop)
    • An allergy to unnecessary meetings
    • A belief in “Sparketing” - it just means that Sales, Product and Marketing always work closely together. We don’t like throwing things over walls. We prefer collaboration.

What you get

    • Retrospective after every sprint so that the team can improve every single sprint
    • Competitive Salary
    • Equity options plan
    • Join a great team
    • Monthly One on Ones to give managers feedback
    • Transparency
    • Ability to contribute to building a great culture and define the direction of the company

Our core values

    • We do the right thing
    • Through open and real communication, we listen, we care, we serve
    • We are curious, innovative and lean
    • We hire and develop the best
    • We face challenges with optimism
    • We have a bias for action
What does your day at the office look like?

Your day will consist of a 15 minute standup at the beginning of the day to catch up with everyone on the team. Then you will get to work on your current story card. If any questions come up, you can ask it on the JIRA story card, or if urgent enough, directly ask the project manager in Slack and/or face to face. You might also ask the business analyst to clarify a Gherkin user story. The designer or the architect might ask you to change the way something works. You also have direct access to the product owners and get an understanding of how the particular feature should work.

Oh, by the way, you will be part of the planning process when the UX designer makes the wireframes, so that by the time it gets on your radar, you already have the real context on what needs to be done. We also interview customers with designs before we build anything as often as we can.