Digital Marketing Specialist

Chicago, IL
We’re a SaaS company that helps online retailers grow by automatically attracting, converting and retaining customers. 

We’re a small and scrappy start up that is rapidly growing. With backing from investors, we are excited to expand our team.

We’re bringing on a Digital Marketing Specialist so we can grow even faster. 

As a Director of Marketing, you will take over our funnel. You will have control, influence and an opportunity to drive Revenue Conduit forward. You will pick all the low-hanging fruit we have left on the tree since 2013. You will be responsible for driving demand for a new, exciting product we’re about to launch. You will figure out how to hit and exceed our growth goals. 

Does this describe you? If so, please get in touch!

    • You want growth - personal growth, company growth, and the growth of our customers
    • You are smart, passionate and full of energy
    • You want an egoless environment
    • You have managed a team of at least one or two employees or contractors
    • You have an ability and a desire to lead
    • You are obsessively analytical and metric driven
    • You have done something that has attracted people to you or your work
    • You have and can create content in many forms, naturally and in abundance 
    • You are a generalist with an ability to find and implement best practices throughout the funnel, from generating traffic via Facebook or Adwords, to capturing and nurturing leads, to converting leads into customers  
    • You can wear many hats, simultaneously. As we grow, we can figure out what to hire for and delegate next
    • You can thrive in an entrepreneurial environment full of risk, uncertainty, excitement and opportunity 
    • You live in Chicago or are willing to move to Chicago. 
    • You want to be an owner. All team members have an opportunity to vest equity over time