Head of Machine Learning Engineering

Palo Alto
Data Science – Data Science
The Data Science team is looking to hire a Machine Learning Engineering leader to help to build our Model as a Service framework (MaaS), to set up our experimental test environment and continue support for data collection and model enhancement.
Team Mission: “To deliver models to support optimal decisions”


    • Infrastructure: Develop a scalable cloud native architecture to support “Model as a Service”.
    • Set up and maintain ML data lake (including both NoSQL and SQL).
    • Set up and maintain capacities for both batch and stream processing.
    • Set up and maintain ML microservice architecture (Kubernetes).
    • Model management: Ensure reproducibility and traceability.
    • Work closely with Core Data Science team to ensure that all work is reproducible
    • (and auditable).
    • Help developing the framework for ML experimentation including versioning of code,
    • data, hyperparameters, environments, metrics, artifacts, …
    • Support model (re)training, evaluation, deployment and monitoring.
    • Ensure capacity for easy deployment and rollback of models.
    • DevOps: Own the Ops side of CI/CD working closely with Core Data Science team.
    • Set up and maintain dev/(pre-prod)/prod environments.
    • Help develop efficient CI practices.
    • Help develop rigorous testing practices:
    • Unit test, API test, Load/Performance test
    • But also help define proper model evaluations!
    • Work towards developing automatization of DevOps process.
    • Auto-deploy, auto-testing, ….
    • Facilitate continuous improvement practices.
    • SecOps: Working with CSO to ensure cloud security and compliance.
    • VPC, Key management, Access management
    • Data encryption (at Rest, in Motion, in Use)
    • App sec (Static Scanning, Dynamic Scanning, Dependency Scanning, Container
    • Scanning, …)


    • 15+ years of Data Engineering experience with ML focus
    • PhD in Software Engineering, Computer Science , Mathematics, Statistics, Operation
    • Research or equivalent disciplines
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