Compiler Engineer

Toronto or K/W /
Software /
Untether AI is looking for an experienced Compiler Engineer. The objective of this role is to write software that translates a wide variety of neural nets into efficient mappings and fast implementations on our accelerator hardware, from data-in to data-out.


    • Build software that maps a neural net onto our hardware
    • Devise and implement multiple data layout strategies
    • Build a tool that will solve a network layout for a set of constraints within the hardware given the available strategies
    • Implement efficient mappings between data layouts
    • Evaluate current and proposed hardware architecture for future products
    • Work closely with algorithm design and architecture teams


    • Computer Science, Engineering or related degree, preferably MS or PhD
    • Thorough understanding of deep neural nets
    • Experience developing the internals of modern optimizing compilers
    • Understanding of advanced optimization techniques

General Skills

    • Driven and self-directed
    • Proficiency in a variety of development styles and languages
    • Ability to build projects from the ground up
    • Comfortable working within a rapidly evolving project
    • Strong focus on testing and software quality
    • Team focus and desire to help build the team