Senior Backend Engineer

Mountain View, CA
Technology - Engineering – Product Engineering
You've been building backends for many years now in a variety of different technologies. You've worked with both monoliths and microservices, and you are deeply familiar with the tradeoffs of either architecture. You're a pragmatic programmer who believes in their craft; you write tests, you try to write well factored code, you leave codebases better than you found them. You know the value in mentoring more junior team members and look forward to doing so. You're an expert at designing well thought out and easy to consume APIs. Although you consider yourself a polyglot developer, you have mastered the Ruby programming language and have contributed to more than a few Rails codebases. You believe in the power of simplicity and it reflects in software you write: simple, beautiful, and gets the job done. You understand the job of an engineer is ultimately to deliver value to the customer, and you take ownership of that delivery through all of its stages.
Hi, we're UpGuard. If the above sounds like a description of you then we want to talk. It's an exciting time to be at UpGuard: more than ever our customers need our product to keep their infrastructure safe, and demand is going through the roof. We're searching for talented engineers to join us in our mission.

Why join UpGuard? We're a high growth startup with a collaborative and inclusive culture. We value diversity and creativity in our engineering team, and we hope you do as well. As far as perks go we have a fully stocked kitchen, lunch delivery through eat club, as well as excellent health benefits.