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Providence, RI

Upserve is a restaurant management system that transforms a restaurant’s point of sale into a point of service - offering up pointed and timely guidance on guests, staff, marketing, finances, and even the menu.  Get to know more about our Teams and Culture by checking out our blog. 

About the Product You'll Be Leading
- Over the last 6 months, Upserve received NPS scores of +43, +65, +55 +52, +72 +80, higher than any other tech firm selling software to small businesses (see our NPS graph).
- Our business is in hyper growth, doubling since last year, with thousands of restaurant customers. 
- Our platform has massive data from which to make decisions: we manage over 11 million meals per month and over 16 million active diners (see our recent press release)
- Our LTV to CAC and our SaaS 'Quick Ratio' both exceed 4 x.
- Some of the technologies in our stack include React / React NativeKinesisDynamoDBMachine LearningRedShiftRDS, Ruby, JavaScript, DockerECS, and more. 
- We communicate with customers using tools like TotangoIntercom and Marketo and document our Product Roadmap using things like .

About the Role:
You’ll be joining a team of four PMs and a product designer, and working on our Breadcrumb POS products. In this role, you’ll work closely with the product team, engineering and customer operations to drive delivery of key features, partnerships and strategies. You will also collaborate with the product team to drive delivery of initiatives across our product line. You'll lead product on on our mobile app and make key contributions to Breadcrumb POS. While working with support, account management and sales to better understand customer needs. You will need to understand the company's vision and goals; translate into product strategy.

During a typical week at Upserve, you will:
- Lead product on Breadcrumb POS, an iPad-based point of sale system
- Work with support, account management and sales to better understand customer needs
- Understand the company's vision and goals; translate into product strategy
- Translate strategy into prioritized, stack-ranked initiatives, features, and requirements within features, using tools like
- Handle interdependencies within a release. Call out and squash risk and ambiguity in the plan. Prioritize bugs / invisible improvements alongside new features.
- Know the competition and figure out how we leave them no room to win.
- Communicate clearly and effectively, to both technical and non-technical audiences, whether it's via Slack , Google doc, email, presentation, tweet, blog post, spreadsheet or github
- Define whole product requirements. Anticipate the needs of partners, success team, sales and more.
- Collaborate with design/UX team on wireframes, prototypes and mockups
- Run user testing and listening labs, and visit customers
- Collaborate with product marketing peers to set positioningmessaging and communicate the vision to internal and external audiences, such as on our website
- Stay close to our sales team, especially for feature requests (usually, so you can say no)
- Train customer success & support team on product capabilities
- Understand deeply how customers use our product (using Totango, Intercom, interviews, etc.)
- Measure product-market fit after launch, to guide iterative improvement

About You:
Above all else, all Upserve employees are united in our shared optimism, passion, and enthusiasm for the customers we support through our innovative product. In our daily work, we exemplify our value of One Team. We also care deeply about the industry we serve. Whether you're a BOH veteran, or simply love the grit and determination of restauranteurs, you need to be able to empathize with our customers. Additionally, you must be results-driven and intrigued by the use of data to inform decisions.  You ought to value a high degree of autonomy and personal impact and manage through ambiguity with ease.

You are as comfortable talking with engineers as you are with customers. You are a leader. You fight for the user! You can walk, chew gum and a bunch of other stuff at the same time (because you've probably stack-ranked these activities ... and if you were to trip, you know which ball would drop). When a new product comes out, you appreciate the decisions and tradeoffs that were made, and ponder alternatives.


    • Understand mission-critical apps and have worked on iOS apps and enterprise B2B products for at least three years.
    • Are a great communicator. You love to present Upserve’s offerings to customers, internal teams and external stakeholders. You can dive into discovery conversations with customers and prospects and come away with ideas for solutions.
    • Have strong analytical skills that allow to you understand the factors and variables that must be considered when building products. You also know how to define and measure success.
    • Are able to contribute substantively to technical decisions led by our engineering team; you understand API documentation. This job doesn't require writing code, but you have "technical chops" to earn the respect of your more technical peers.
    • Feel a tremendous sense of urgency to get value into your customer's hands, and you tap into that energy to drive, lead and motivate your colleagues to win.
    • Passionate about great product. When a product doesn't work like you'd expect, you wonder, "Who was the PM on this?"
    • Not afraid of taking risks. "Make better mistakes tomorrow" ... "The biggest risk of all is not taking one."
    • Comfortable learning tools like Salesforce, Totango, Mixpanel and others; a metrics-obsessed, systems thinker who uses data to measure success.
    • Able to prioritize despite many competing interests by learning what's most important 
    • Willing to lead with courage, transparency and empathy (managing by influence is one of the most challenging parts of being a great PM; these leadership traits help)
    • Not afraid to kill a project or to say "no."

About Upserve
Our team is 160 and growing, and headquartered in Providence, RI with offices in San Francisco, New York, and Chicago.   We have a pattern of success, and have received notable accolades including, Named by Forbes to list of 100 "America's Most Promising Companies" and Named "Best Places to Work in Rhode Island" 4 years in a row. We are backed by the country's top venture capital investors including First Round CapitalIndex VenturesShasta VenturesGreylock Partners, Pritzker GroupNextview VenturesChris SaccaAlfred Lin, and others.

Upserve is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer! We care about improving diversity and inclusion in tech. What does that mean to us in the context of talent?
- Tech is buzzing about diversity. We talk about that, too; but, we also talk about a culture of inclusion.
- We're transparent about gaps in employee engagement, and set concrete action plans for improvement.
- We seek out diverse communities to source talented candidates for open roles.
- We use and recommend tools like Textio to reduce bias in job descriptions.
We believe in being color brave, not color blind.
- We recognize people learn through many different paths, which is why there are no arbitrarily determined degree requirements for any role at Upserve, including this one
- We don't believe in the "pipeline problem" excuse.
- We partner with a number of groups to improve access to the tech industry, including Girls Who CodeProvidence IntraCity, and Rosie's Girls to name a few.

Our competitive benefits
- Healthy lunches & snacks provided daily
- Our "family first" work philosophy provides employees with unlimited time off and competitive family leave.  Our policy is: "Take the time you need, when you need it."
- Choice of paid transit benefits, including: Uber, Amtrak, parking garage or Caltrain passes (PVD & SFO only)
- 100% paid medical and dental insurance for employees
- Discounted vision, home, and life insurance
- In-office dry cleaning pickup
- 401K with financial advisory services

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