Systems Development Engineer

Lafayette, CO
Full Time
Ursa Major’s team moves fast and does a lot with little. We are looking for a skilled, fast learning individual who can contribute to our engine development. The role will be responsible for systems level analysis to support engine development testing.     

Primary Responsibilities

    • Correlate system models of rocket engine test data to provide accurate predictions of engine operation
    • Use system models to provide day to day guidance on engine or component test steady state operation and transient valve sequencing
    • Provide input on ways to improve engine performance
    • Communicate analysis results to the team
    • Test engines, pumps, and valves, including integration into our test facilities
    • Test planning, risk assessments and mitigations, test set up, execution, post-test data review, and performance analysis
    • Assist with test schedule estimation and execution
    • Troubleshoot instrumentation and hardware issues to facilitate rapid testing
    • Develop test support software and equipment to improve test frequency and quality
    • Identify and solve test-related problems


    • Minimum of either a  B.S. degree in mechanical or aerospace engineering + 2 years experience in system modeling OR an M.S. in mechanical or aerospace engineering with experimental lab and system modeling experience.
    • Working knowledge of engines, pumps, valves, regulators, check valves, as well as electric and pneumatic valves, actuators, and other fluid system components
    • Knowledge of instrumentation including pressure transducers, thermocouples, load cells, and accelerometers.
    • A strong background in thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, and power systems
    • Proficient in programming
    • Understanding of numerical methods
    • Ability to work effectively in teams
    • Ability to be self-directed and balance several tasks at one time
    • Ability to communicate analysis results effectively


Desirable Experience

    • Knowledge of ROCETS or equivalent is strongly desired
    • Knowledge of FORTRAN.
    • Familiarity with LabVIEW, Python, Winplot, or other control, data acquisition, and reduction software
    • Hands-on experience with building engine assemblies and subassemblies for test