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Insider is a B2B SaaS company with a unique approach to multichannel experience orchestration. Recently, Insider announced its $32 Million Series C funding round by Sequoia. Insider was named the #1 leader on G2’s Mobile Marketing Software and Personalization Grids, with a 4.6/5 rating based 100% on user reviews, 17 quarters in a row. CrunchBase recently ranked Insider’s co-founder and CEO Hande Cilingir as one of the top women CEOs outside the US.

Many of the most prestigious Fortune 500 companies and top brands in retail, automotive, and travel use Insider to deliver AI-backed personalized experiences that exceed customer expectations. Insider is trusted by over 800 global businesses, including UNIQLO, Singapore Airlines, Virgin, Toyota, New Balance, IKEA, Samsung, Newsweek, MediaMarkt, Nissan, AVIS, Marks & Spencer, Allianz, BBVA, Dominos, Avon, and CNN.

We are looking for a Group Product Manager who wants to make the dream a reality.
What is our mission?
We are visionaries who guide new product ideas. We are setting the vision for our growing family of products. We use data, research, strategy, and empathy to guide development and design teams toward a common goal since we believe that only our products can alter Insider`s destiny. We are Insider’s innovators, our impact starts on day one, and our mission is to prove that break-through products can be created outside Silicon Valley.
What are we offering?
Impact; be a part of a world-class product team where we constantly get challenged with new things and the results of our actions create an impact for hundreds of millions of users every day.
Personal Growth; work closely with some of the best people in their fields, join tons of different training like sales, design, customer communication. Develop the skills that you need to become an even more successful product manager.
Experience; get important responsibilities, learn from your mistakes without getting blamed, watch experienced people work on complex matters, gain one of the most important things, experience.
Delight; make tough decisions, release new features, create innovating products which bring ease and joy to the life of many individuals who use them.
Community; surround yourself with great people who constantly help each other and push each other to be better, join many different events, and become a part of the Insider Community.
What are we searching for?
Leadership, you can make decisions and set direction while motivating and inspiring people around you to follow you in that direction.
Communication, you serve as the diplomat of the team, you can transmit complex information to different audiences clearly and you are talented in reaching the information you need on the people you are talking to.
Problem Solving, you are a natural-born problem solver, finding solutions to complex problems motivate and excite you, and at that moment when you solve the problem, feeling that sense of accomplishment is worth all the effort.
Teamwork, you are easily able to work with people around you, help them when they need, give or take constructive feedback, despite any personal conflict between you and them. 
Listening, despite the fact that communicating effectively is extremely important, you should also be able to gather information from many sources around you to help you make better-informed decisions on guiding and improving your products and services.
Entrepreneurial Spirit, rather than waiting to adapt to change, you are actively seeking out change. You have a mindset that embraces critical questioning, innovation, and improvement. You can see the big picture, you are willing to take risks, you constantly seek new opportunities for innovation and you take ownership and pride in what you do. What are you going to do?

As a Group Product Manager in Insider day in and day out you;

    • will lead the product line together with the product managers
    • will recruit and manage product managers including performance monitoring, mentoring, career development, and training
    • will establish strategic partnerships to grow the business
    • will monitor the market conditions and formulate strategies in order to establish and grow the business and effectively implement those strategies via clear goals and objectives
    • will manage all operations within the product line. Including taking responsibility for revenue, quality targets, and customer support design
    • will execute and monitor cross-functional product development projects
    • will be working closely with UX/UI design team and developers, making tactical decisions to come up with innovative applications for complex problems
    • will continuously monitor market needs and requirements, industry benchmarks; taking into account future technology/developments, competitor products/services, and the changing requirements of regulatory bodies
    • will be obsessed about and ensuring the product quality
    • will create and maintain processes for internal and external communication of the team
    • will be developing and implementing company-wide go to market plans, working with all departments to execute
    • will be managing the product creation process, regularly review all business goals and objectives taking corrective action
    • will set and deliver OKRs for the product group

We want you to join us while we are taking a step into the future if you:

    • have 4+ years of product leadership experience with at least 4 direct reports
    • have proven experience establishing strong working relationships with a wide range of team members and clients
    • are a real passion for great UX design and problem solving
    • have the ability to manage complex initiatives with limited supervision
    • have a proven record of defining and delivering end-to-end, user-centered products that consider user research, market analysis, data, customer feedback, and technical constraints and opportunities
    • have exceptional written and oral communication skills
    • have exceptional decision-making skills
    • have the ability to communicate with the engineering team on tactical technical decisions
    • are self motivated
    • have prior hands-on experience with Agile Development

While exporting our technology to the world, we offer you:

    • “Keynote Sessions” with famous and groundbreaking people from the software world and many events where groundbreaking ideas are discussed,
    • “PM Academy” in which experienced Insiders & our VP of Product talks about our best practices & share know-how
    • Product Training we organize inside that makes sure everyone is up-to-date about our products, updates & so much more
    • Free access to the essentials such as Laracast, Egghead, Udemy, Blinkist, Masterclass, and Spotify
    • A chance to become a Shareowner with the "Shareowner System" that we offer to all Insiders who meet certain criteria
    • Inclusive Private Health Insurance
    • Multinet to cover all the yummy food expenses on a monthly basis
    • the infamous team activities that are bursting with fun,
    • No Dress code! This is a fast and innovative startup, you can wear whatever you want.
We provide equal opportunity in a zero-discrimination workplace and not just welcome but also embrace everyone without regard to sex, race, color, nationality, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability status, citizenship, or marital status.