Senior Process Engineer

Lombard, IL
Chemical Engineering – Engineering /
Full Time /
Valdes is a 200-person, multidisciplinary, engineering, architecture, and project management company with an expert focus on technical excellence. Every client project is assigned a dedicated team of professionals who provide personalized services and solutions. The Valdes success model consists of streamlined work processes, attention to detail, technical expertise, and an unyielding commitment to client satisfaction, safety and quality.
Valdes is guided by our purpose statement: We are talented people who thrive and achieve extraordinary results for our customers. 

Our core values reflect who we are, how we perform and what we aspire to:
Integrity            Critical Thinking              Excellence               Teamwork              Passion 

Valdes proudly executes all work in the United States to maintain the utmost quality for our clients. We are a certified Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE) and hold the following certifications:
National Minority Supplier Development Council - MBE Certification
Illinois Department of Central Management Services - BEP Certification 
City of Chicago - MBE Certification
California Public Utilities Commission, The Supplier Clearinghouse - MBE Certification


    • Coordinate work with other departments to achieve project milestones
    • Execute P&ID walk-down efforts or field verification of P&ID’s
    • Identify and resolve client design errors, open issues, project execution errors or conflicting information on projects
    • Participate in Process Hazard Analysis
    • Develop material and energy balances as required for projects
    • Utilize vendors in the design and selection of process equipment including packaged processes and technologies for inclusion in process designs
    • Familiar with process technologies and standard refining processes
    • Check process data on instrument data sheets and recognize the applicability/limitations of the instrument technology selected
    • Check simple calculations, line lists, equipment lists, specialty items lists and simple equipment data sheets
    • Track hours used to execute project tasks, review projects schedules
    • Identify out of scope work on projects.
    • Learn to develop complex process simulations including HTRI etc., utilizing the correct thermodynamic property packages and, understanding the limitations of simulation
    • Learn to develop relief device scenarios and calculate estimated required relief loads
    • Learn to develop complex equipment and vessel process designs along with required data sheets
    • Learn to develop project execution plans for projects, including fast track and long lead item identification
    • Learn to identify the necessity for process control interlocks
    • Learn to mentor young engineers and provide direction and effectively delegating work to other engineers on a team
    • Learn to develop scopes of work on large process projects
    • Learn to solve client operating problems / Troubleshoot existing processes
    • Learn to recommend potential instruments and specific technologies for applications
    • Learn to recognize project opportunities
    • Learn to understand process design codes and standards and utilize them when they are applicable
    • Learn to recognize the importance of developing an estimated solution to an engineering problem versus an exact solution
    • Learn to develop complex control strategies
    • Learn to develop and evaluate conceptual process designs
    • Learn to conduct inter-discipline reviews, highlighting important design aspects to other departments
    • Learn to collect process data that is not readily available and make design decisions based on limited process information
    • All other duties as assigned

Technical Competencies

    • Understanding and ability to apply basic fundamentals in Chemical Engineering, including ; Fluid Dynamics, Chemistry, Thermodynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer, Process Unit Operations and Separations, basic Reaction Kinetics and Reaction Design Theory,  Material and heat balances, etc.
    • Understand PFD and P&ID symbology, layout, standards and workflow
    • Generate Process Flow Diagrams (PFD’s) and Piping and Instrument Diagrams (P&ID’s)
    • Modify simple P&ID’s and check modifications against CAD drafting standards and client standards
    • Develop demolition P&ID’s
    • Develop and maintain Drawing list, Line lists, Equipment lists, and Specialty Items lists
    • Read, understand, and utilize piping isometrics and plot plans in order to perform hydraulic calculations for compressible, incompressible and two-phase systems, including dense phase and dilute phase pneumatic conveying
    • Perform and document process calculations that can be easily checked
    • Develop simple process simulations and is familiar with physical property estimation packages
    • Develop physical property data for the selection of instrumentation
    • Understand the hierarchy of process documents in process designs
    • Understand typical instrumentation types and their principles of operation.
    • Capable of checking work produced at an Engineer I & II skill level
    • Strong Microsoft Office skills, as well as Aspen HYSYS and MathCAD
    • Manage simple process projects and strategies
    • Understand process design equations and their applicability to design engineering
    • Develop process man-hour estimates for small projects.
    • Review vendor equipment designs and data for suitability to the process design.
    • Drafting a simple process scope of work document
    • Developing a Process Design Basis
    • Specify specialty items and generate specialty item data sheets as required
    • Drive process engineering efforts to conclusion by anticipating the requirements of the final deliverable to the client
    • Ability to size, select, specify and design pressure relief devices, inlet an outlet piping and effluent handling systems
    • Set process design conditions and develop simple equipment designs/sizes along with the required data sheets


    • Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Chemical Engineering.
    • 5+ years of experience working as a Chemical or Process Engineer 
    • Understanding and ability to apply basic fundamentals in Chemical Engineering, specifically; Fluid Dynamics, Chemistry, Thermodynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer, Process Unit Operations and Separations, basic Reaction Kinetics and Reaction Design Theory, and material and Energy Balances
    • Ability to think critically and logically, solving problems rapidly to a solution
    • Good verbal and written communication skills
    • Solid Microsoft Office skills 
    • Comfortable working in a team environment
    • Dependable and self-motivated, with strong ethical principles
    • Ability to receive direction from department manager and/or discipline lead and incorporate instruction into completing tasks
    • Understands when to seek additional guidance from the department manager on project/process issues and/or discipline lead and when to research the solution on their own
    • Comfortable approaching a mentor with technical or business related questions
    • Must be a US citizen or green card holder
Valdes Architecture & Engineering Company is looking for bright and talented people that want to take their career to the next level. We offer many rewarding career paths to challenge and engage our employees at all phases of their careers. Our office provides a team environment, and excellent working conditions, which allow individuals to maximize their potential. Valdes Engineering offers an outstanding benefits package including Medical, Dental, 401K plan, Company paid Long Term and Short Term Disability Insurance, Company paid Life and AD&D Insurance, Pet Insurance, a discounted gym membership and tuition reimbursement.